Forecast Week Beginning 10th June 2013

3 June 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


The way in which somebody else expects things to be organised can be disruptive to what suits you, mainly because it will put you under pressure when it comes to the obligations involved.  Where this will head in the future or what the long-term gain will be is not clearly visible, but convincing them of that will be a hard task indeed.


Put your mind to matters or situations that need to be let go of.  This can take some doing because of the way one thing interweaves with another.  Your natural sincerity with commitments you have made will sometimes hold you to situations longer than should be the case.  Contemplate what you want to be free of and slowly work on it.


Someone wants to be close but is unsure of where they stand with you.  Because of this they may not be open about their own position.  At the moment you will feel it is time to take action on the things you want and so it is.  However you also need to consider how this affects what is expected of you or it may cause problems later.


You need to sort out how to best work around people who believe they have reason to be in control.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes and this can mean people you cannot fully trust.  Ensure you do not place yourself in reactive situations.  If you ask the right questions, nicely, you will be able to get reactions.


Social situations will not produce what you initially expect.  If it involves family there could be some criticism.  Don’t be tempted to spend a lot of money within a group situation on impulse.  You could find something that is quieter and away from it all will produce better results and create something of surprising value long term


Be mindful of differences of opinion you have with somebody else.  They will not be entirely open so this requires you to use your analytical skills to work out what they really intend, particularly if there are obligations involved.  Be cautious about what seems only a temporary breakdown of your leisure time – it may be that simple.


You could begin to realise there is a lot more expected of you than you presumed and that you will be dealing with a huge degree of resistance when it comes to making changes.  Others value their freedom and do not want you taking it away.  You need to sort out your priorities but hold back on discussing them for now.


There can be mixed situations when it comes to others.  Those who choose to be secretive can cause you much frustration and no matter how hard you try it will be difficult to make progress.  There can be the need to revisit past ideas with the view of embracing alternative ways but this is something you may not be too keen about.


Lots of activity with others continues.  You may not feel you are being given the recognition you deserve and will need to be patient on this score.  On the other hand it might be necessary to not draw too much attention to yourself or to remain silent when it comes to commitments, as you need time to analyse them thoroughly.


Someone can be willing to compromise or mindful of wanting harmony to exist in the connection with you.  They sense strong determination about you, which has an unpredictable element.  This is something they will not be open about and intend to work on as much as possible.  Let them take the initiative and show their hand.


It can seem others are free to enjoy themselves while you need to be serious.  It can be time to take stock of what really represents enjoyment to you.  Finding fulfilment in the simple daily involvements can provide a sense of pleasure you have never taken the time to notice before.  This can include any health regimes you follow.


You can feel more confident than ever before that a sense you have of future security is very reliable.  How this will become structured will not be so clear and can encourage you to wonder.  Discussions with others who tend to approach life in a practical way could help to reveal the types of things that you need to get in place.