Forecast Week Beginning 14th January 2013

7 January 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You can gain a sudden understanding of obligations attached to something that seems fun or pleasure.  What may not impress you is the detail that would need to be dealt with that was not obvious in the beginning.  Don’t feel obligated – if you feel you need to let it go or move on – do so.  Someone else’s desires are not yours.


There can be solid support from others when it comes to long-term plans you may want to put in place.  Things you have done for pleasure may no longer hold the same appeal.  Needing to be more serious may have something to do with it.  You will tend to look at situations more from the standpoint of how they can drain you.


You will at last move on from feeling under the control of what others have been expecting from you.  You can suddenly feel freed up.  Not that you can escape entirely but it will encourage you to give more thought to what you agree to in the long-term.  There will be no easy way out from what becomes established routine.


Some interesting situations can arise with others.  Their actions or how they react to any suggestions you make can tell you a lot about the path they are willing to take.  Any true interest on their part will encourage them to take the opportunity to establish some sort of commitment.  Even so, there is a degree of secretiveness.


Matters you need to handle on a regular basis should be sorted out in a manner where information can be easily accessed.  Loose ends can waste time unnecessarily and you will only have yourself to blame.  Activity with others will increase to early February where greater demands can be placed on you, so get yourself organised.


You will feel happier to leave any social whirlwind behind and get back to normal routine, which can also include whatever regime you usually follow with your health.  Loved ones or children may not be so keen so you may need to do some explaining that the time has come for more serious planning.  It will be easier now than later.


Things that have been taking shape in the last month are part of establishing new foundations.  This can be in the home, with family or simply with what you feel you need to set down in your own life.  There could be a lot you have learnt about others in the process.  Move on with optimism – it can bring with it, many benefits.


There have been many options to consider in the last month.  You have a natural tendency to pay attention to the pattern that exists in all situations and states of affairs.  Information you gave gathered will now enable you to move on in a new frame of mind, ready to get foundations in place for setting matters in motion.


Pay careful attention to someone who might be a mystery.  You can gain mental clarity momentarily, then not be so sure you were right.  You likely will be right but it will still take some time for what they really think to surface.  Being too forthright with your ideas can encourage them to stay quiet.  Be mentally observant instead.


New directions are open to you with the recent New Moon in your sign.  Not all is clear though and it is more about your own patterns of behaviour that will determine the outcome.  Be serious about anything you want to bring to an end.  For success, take a balanced approach to what should be important priorities.


What you know you need to get on with when it comes to you will become easier to pursue now.  Someone else will be willing to do as you wish but it is up to you to get it organised.  Not everything will be out in the open so don’t put too much effort into trying to make it so.  Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.


You may begin to wonder whether someone you thought was a friend or supportive is really that way at all.  Too much has been going on and it has likely distracted you from being able to find enough time to contemplate situations.  That will now change to early February.  You need to withdraw and have some thinking time.