Forecast Week Beginning 15th October 2012

8 October 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You can feel freed up and this can lead to greater insight where the future is concerned.  Not that you are in a position to do much about it at the moment.  Others are under pressure and could be super-critical of any big ideas you might have.  For this reason, think about which conversations are worth getting into.


Communication with others can go well so if there is anything you need to sort out, don’t hold back.  Avoid making commitments financially that could be difficult to handle later.  It will lower your credibility with others.  They may be inclined to throw caution to the wind when it comes to spending, but you should not follow.


Regular routine and daily matters require your attention mainly because others are pursuing what they want in an unpredictable manner.  It could all seem too much to handle but to establish some underlying balance in the situation you need to break things down into the small parts that make the whole.  Then arrange this differently.


You can be luckier than you expect.  You can likely sense there is a lot going on behind the scenes but don’t let this worry you.  Instead, communicate in a pleasant manner, even about things that don’t really matter.  This will ease tension.  There are details you need to focus on – doing so can suddenly provide more authority.


Planning a holiday in the future to somewhere out of the ordinary can appeal to you, or to get involved in an interest that is different.  Do not let any sudden attraction to somebody else dramatically alter the path you are on in life.  There can be changes going on with your friends.  Don’t let this interfere with your personal matters.


You should generally feel settled about your situation, though you might need to weigh up the amount of responsibility you seem to be handling.  Think about any agreements you might want from others.  You will have to communicate this, as they will leave things floating.  Family matters can have unexpected good outcomes.


Communication with others can have some unexpected twists and turns.  Be careful you do not say things impulsively, even if it is the truth that you see.  Any response needs to be considered in view of how the long-term future can be affected.  There is more that needs to surface.  Be patient and let this happen because it will.


You need to think about where you stand in life right now and what you want your priorities to be in the future.  The actual development of many things will take some time yet.  It the realisation that you have entered a significant and serious turning point in your life that is more important.  Daily routines can change very quickly.


There could be some pleasant surprises that require an instant response from you.  Any unusual invitations you get could prove to be interesting.  Other people can deal with things quite the reverse from your expectations.  Weigh up any obligations expected of you carefully.  Don’t be afraid to ask for more details for greater clarity.


Family matters may not be what you presumed, as well as perhaps the true positions of friends or associates.  Your main concern needs to be any alterations that can occur with what you have put into place in your own life.  You are seeking balance in the long term so don’t take on anything that could get out of control.


You can feel more self confident about pursuing what you want with a sense of being prepared to rebel if necessary.  Someone else may criticise and expect you to be more responsible.  It is their idea of responsibility though, not yours.  You just need to ensure that you do not take too much of a risk that could lead to restriction.


Being able to do your own thing will seem more important than the effort required to meet the commitments attached.  There is a lot to put in place and some of it can be associated with the past.  The past and future can be disconnected, making it difficult to see a way forward.  Somebody else will be better at getting this to blend.