Forecast Week Beginning 20th August 2012

13 August 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Consider any changes that have taken place with others since early July or any pressures you have realised you do not want to accept.  You are moving to a stage of finalisation from now to early October.  This may or may not be your choice but can’t be changed.  You will seek opportunities providing pleasurable communication


Expect a lot of activity with others to early October – they can be demanding and expect to have their way.   If you feel confused at the moment you need to get your mind focussed on things you can put in place more on the side of saving money.  This does not have to mean no pleasure in life but appreciation of what you do have


Someone could teach you a good lesson – directly or indirectly.  You can easily lose in some way on a personal level if you let your attention slip.  This is not a time to take a risk with money nor to commit yourself to anything long term, if you have the slightest doubt.  There can be a lot of information to sift through so get to and do it


Whatever has been establishing itself since early July can now begin to show some future promise.  Someone could be jealous and work in hidden ways to block your way.  You have the ability to sense this if you keep an eye of everything that is going on around you.  Forge ahead with confidence that your future visions will take place.


You have better clarity of mind because something that was overshadowing has now lifted.  Take the opportunity, to early September, to think about your personal position and anything you want to accomplish.  Be realistic about your strengths and what you know you can manage to organise and put in place for the next two years.


Your confidence will begin to improve and although it is wise to continue to contemplate until early September, you can, at the same time, sense opportunity.  Don’t let any wandering attitudes of others distract you from your purpose.  You have to learn to get things organised your way and they have to learn to accept it.


Changes that have taken place and affected your personally since early July are now moving onto the next stage.  Don’t feel you need to hurry with anything.  In fact it might pay you to get some rest as your health may have suffered in some way.  Better clarity with what now should be considered, as future priorities, will emerge.


With Mars now entering your sign, where it will stay until 7th October you are now entering a new 2-year personal cycle.  Your energy level will lift and so will your self confidence.  Things will begin to happen and perhaps at great speed.  This is like a preparation for a new 30-year cycle that will begin for you from the 6th October.


You need to pay attention to the way other people view you as well as the response you get from them.  You can be too candid with your opinions at times.  There is a need to learn more subtlety and to keep things to yourself – even to become more mysterious.  This will enable you to realise others may not be what they seem.


Focus on your priorities and what you sense is best to do when it comes to future aspirations.  Everything else will not seem to gel at the moment, especially when it comes to other people.  While there can be nothing to complain about when it comes to interaction with others – what they think and intend can be kept a secret.


There can be a great deal of pleasure with your interaction with others.  At the same time you could feel it wise to limit your involvement or perhaps other situations might require you to handle it this way.  Your confidence can grow when it comes to commitments you are prepared to accept.  It is an important time to early October.


It can be like a light is shone on somebody else that gives you a completely different sense of what they are about or confirms what your feelings have been.  You can know instantly the actions you should take in relation to the long term.  Even so this does not have to be followed up as quickly.  Let matters follow their own course.