Forecast Week Beginning 21st January 2013

14 January 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


The opportunity for more enjoyment than usual can arise quickly and pass away just as swiftly.  This might leave you feeling disappointed.  Obligations attached to somebody else can be the restrictive influence but this is something you just have to accept.  They expect something more serious than what you want to embrace.


Something connected to home or family matters can develop in surprising and unseen ways.  Anything you might have been wondering about, you will wonder about no more.  Hold back about financing anything, as you can be more generous than you should.  Someone else may need to learn responsibility for their actions.


Thinking about the future will seem important as you can feel a need to start getting on with matters.  Something will seem to overshadow a clear vision.  Just thinking isn’t enough – you need to write all your ideas down so that you can recognise a pattern.  You have to see what will support what, to put things together successfully.


Spending will reach its peak and though there could still be so much you want, it is time to look at what is really not necessary.  Someone else may get agitated about where this could head in the future.  You can enjoy yourself in simple ways that don’t cost a lot.  There is no need to explain just because someone wants this.


The Full Moon falls in your sign and this can bring all sorts of things personally to fruition.  Full vision of what can be future possibilities when it comes to altering the status quo can be sudden.  It will however require some well-structured foundations to be put into place in a patient, persistent manner.  It can result in feeling rewarded.


Your well reasoned thoughts and ideas are unlikely to be seen this way by others because they want something more exciting.  There is more building up than is obvious and you will have to wait for it to present itself.  There will be ways you can take advantage of, so that you are not left with more obligations than is a fair thing.


Involvement with groups of people or friends can increase somewhat.  You could also meet or enjoy the company of people who are different in some way, even feeling they could help you fulfil your wishes.  Don’t let this encourage you to drop steady things you have in place that give you personal choice.  This is your freedom.


The commitments required of you will become very obvious and it could also be far greater than what you previously presumed.  You can realise there is much to plan but in some way details can be hidden.  Attempting to get co-operation can be difficult, making you realise that relying on yourself is the best way to go forward.


Be confident about what you believe in and what you want to develop long term because you can come under the influence of others too easily, particularly if they are of a persistent nature.  Realise that others are either not clear on their own future or are hiding their ambitions.  It is a slow process before revelations occur.


Someone else can have some very interesting desires of which you can only guess.  You could be right but they won’t let you know.  Stay focussed on the things you can control, even though they are probably less exciting.  This may make you realise how important it is to have your own priorities in order or to work on doing so.


All sorts can reach a head with others, very likely prompting you to come up with some witty remarks.  What your true thoughts are should be kept to yourself.  You have greater control in the situation than you might realise.  You can be left with responsibilities so you need to be prepared to decide on what is a fair thing.


You may need to address any situation in which you feel a slave to the needs or demands of others.  The realisation that this needs to be taken into hand can be sudden but your means of doing so needs careful contemplation.  Take into account how much greater your commitment could become in the future and do you want it.