Forecast Week Beginning 23rd July 2012

16 July 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Enjoyment will begin to outweigh most other things as an important priority.  You could also start to consider this from a new perspective, mainly because of pressure from others you cannot fully escape.  Much is connected to the way you accept this mentally.  If your focus is on what controls you it will seem to gain more control.


Don’t make final decisions on any matter where there is a lack of clarity with an attitude of hoping for the best.  Doing so can result in unpredictable results over the long term.  Best to accept that some matters you had hoped for in the future are too far away to be certain.  There are things you might have to learn about others yet.


Your ideas can be highly perceptive on one hand while at the same time other thoughts can take over and dominate.  Don’t be tempted to go all out anyway or you could generate more than you realise which can do you more harm than good.  With Venus still in your sign you are being tested to weigh up and balance your actions.


You will want to get something solid in place but there is too much going on behind the scenes holding you back.  Get on as best you can for now as whatever you feel the outcome might eventually be may not be the case.  There are more likely to be opportunities of a beneficial nature arise in surprising ways, requiring commitment.


You will likely reflect upon what the future has in store and how much your life can change long term.  Even so, it will be impossible to know the answer.  It is more about focussing on things you need to get rid of in order to free yourself up for new directions than can follow.  If you are bogged down, that’s how life will continue on.


Don’t ignore any feelings of doubt you might have about somebody else – they could be setting out to confuse you.  Who has or wants more independence could be the core issue although that may not be the most obvious thing.  You should have developed more confidence since November.  Disengage to consider your options.


You can feel alone when it comes to anything on a personal level and that much responsibility is expected of you.  Others will seem to have more freedom but exactly what that means will be difficult to ascertain.  What once seemed the future can appear to be breaking down.  Exactly how will not become obvious for a while.


You need to focus on what you are learning, either about yourself or the situations you find yourself in.  It is not yet possible to see the consequences of swapping one set of obligations for another.  Others have no desire to forsake their comforts so you might be wise to consider the pressures this could put upon you in the future.


Someone else could be changing their mind, very likely encouraged by the unique way you seem to enjoy your life.  You need to be careful about maintaining your individuality as you could easily be drawn into putting your energies into what is best for them.  Your priorities are your own responsibilities, so act on them.


You will begin to realise the secretiveness of somebody else by listening carefully to what they say.  It can seem like the past is repeating itself and while there is not much you can do about it right now, the main thing is the awareness.  This should make you determined to ensure you do not lose control of what you want in life.


There is something somebody else does not want you to see or realise and it is likely to be connected to money or resources.  Do not risk anything on their behalf or you could be disappointed.  It can’t stay hidden for long.  Have confidence in your own ideas, however small, as they have the potential to produce enjoyment.


Your health could need some attention.  You might want to get back to a past situation or feel it is time you acted upon a regime you have thought about tackling for a while.  You can become what you imagine but the transformation will occur in small stages, giving you no choice but to apply persistence.  It will be worth it in the end.