Forecast Week Beginning 27th August 2012

20 August 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Discussions with somebody else can go well, stimulating a sense of benefit, as well as perhaps getting the impression they accept or are impressed with what you say.  You cannot afford to leave it at that.  Matters will move on in some way.  This could place you in doubt about their true position.  You will need to pay careful attention.


Be mindful of your dealings with others because they tend to be in a stronger position than you.  There are changing influences that will affect you for the next 18 months requiring you to be conscious of what could be taken away from you.  Give some thought to the finer details of the underlying foundation you want in your life.


A draining influence that has affected you for the last 18 months will move on.  You can suddenly realise and be more confident about the potential you have on a personal level.  You should focus on how you can turn ideas into a solid reality from now to mid September.  There will be obligations as well that cannot be ignored.


Your ability to maintain personal balance and harmony with whatever goes on around you will not be interfered with.  Realise you can get back to this space whenever required at the moment.  There will be the necessity to communicate with those who want control.  You can be clever in working around these things well.


Whatever has occupied your thoughts – with the likelihood of having had you considering and reconsidering, since late June, is now moving onto the next stage.  This should have eventually produced a clear idea of what you need to do.  To mid September you need to put details in place.  Keep in mind long-term modifications.


With Mercury, your ruler, moving into your sign until 17th September you will begin to feel you are finding the right place to be.  There could be initial uncertainty with someone else but rather than let this put you off balance, be grateful for what comes to a head.  It at least enables you to see what you are dealing with.


It is important you get your priorities in order in your mind this week.  You are unlikely to be able to put them into place before mid September and this can include not being too open about them either.  You need to see where others are coming from with issues so that any rebellion on their part is not chaotic to you.


You should already be feeling confident and now another level of increased power is coming your way.  This could be experienced as a surge of confidence you have not felt in a long while.  With it can come the sense that something important is on the verge of moving forward and so it is.  Take any opportunity to enjoy yourself.


Ideas you have been toying with for the future, since late June, can now begin to move to the stage of becoming a solid reality.  Most especially can be the realisation of the commitment required to enable these things to happen.  There could be moments of uncertainty.  You do have the capabilities if you are sure about yourself.


You will begin to have better vision of future possibilities.  Included in this can be the prospects you would like to further develop.  Others could have been helpful in some way but not as you expected.  It is more about the way they have encouraged you to seek answers – this could have come from support but equally from hostility.


Someone could start to become secretive until mid September after having seemed open with their thoughts or ideas since late June.  Your reaction can be insecurity.  Don’t let this get hold – instead focus on what you would like to accomplish.  This might also make you realise you have been too responsive rather than independent.


The Full Moon occurs this week in your sign, resulting in personal realisations on many matters that concern you or that could affect you.  There could be much to question where others are concerned and you should not hold back.  They can be more prepared than usual, to mid September, to express exactly what they think.