Forecast Week Beginning 30th July 2012

23 July 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Freedom, doing your own thing and being able to create what you enjoy will be your prime focus but other people could have different ideas.  Even if they agree on the surface you will know they are not happy.  Being prepared to talk over with them what they think is a fair thing will lead to a better outcome that keeps the peace.


You could feel you have had enough of ‘’having to do the right thing’’.  You probably can’t drop things altogether but should look at different methods.   Don’t be tempted to spend more money than you should.  Practicality is going to pay off better than doing something impulsively out of a sense of rebellion or frustration.


Future prospects will have a lot of promise.  You are in a good position to benefit from whom you know, rather than what you know.  Your ability to put forward appealing ideas can pay dividends.  In all of this there remains the need for you to take a balanced approach to what you can realistically manage when the time comes


Many things are a mystery as well as what other people are thinking or really wanting.  What you sense about the manner in which you can structure your future can be quite right although nothing concrete on this will be evident just yet.  All you can do is get matters well sorted out that you need to deal with right now and wait.


A busy week that can bring surprising opportunities with others – this can include groups of people.  This may give you an inkling of changes that could be developed in the long term.  Something from the past can be involved but it might also be that you can now realise why things had to be as they were.  A new road lies ahead.


You can end up with increased obligations because of having to sort out something that has got out of control through not being done efficiently in the past.  If this has been your own issue, you could benefit from putting a more streamlined approach in place.  If it is somebody else’s matters, it might be time to leave it to them.


You need to divide yourself in two so that you consider your own position quite separately from any situation that involves you with others, mainly because others are demanding so much of your attention.  Long term peace and security is what you need to consider on a personal level.  Work out what will give you this.


Family matters can come to a head and this could involve health issues in some way.  Something is breaking down when it comes to what somebody else desires and you need to focus on how this will alter the structure of things.  You can sense there are endings and perhaps even want that but exactly how it will manifest is unclear.


Whatever you do requires you to take somebody else into account and this can give a sense of taking away your freedom of choice.  Maintaining a stable, friendly relationship will produce greater benefits for you in the long run than anything else.  There is a lot of promise for the future but it won’t manifest in the usual manner.


You will get a great deal of pleasure from dealing with obligations you feel you have been lazy about in the past.  Once you get going you will be happy to put in the effort to deal with all the details and do a very good job of things.  Something could be financially rewarding as well resulting in a different perspective on commitments.


The Full Moon occurs this week in your sign providing very good opportunities to see exactly where benefit lies for you in life.  Tied in with this are making choices that you can enjoy in the long term.  Pleasure needs to form a part of your future vision.  Those with an alternative approach will support you without question.


The best way to deal with any lack of drive you are likely to feel at the moment is to do something out of the ordinary that requires physical effort.  Once off won’t do much – you need to make an ongoing commitment, so that habits get changed.  You need to be mindful of developing some sort of basis that will result in security.