Weekly Horoscopes from 2nd November 2020

26 October 2020 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Weekly Horoscopes by Anne-Elisabeth discuss what each of 12 Zodiac Star Signs or Sun Signs can expect in life.  This is generated by the interactions of the planets as they travel through the Zodiac Signs in the heavens.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR ARIES: (Born between 21st March & 20th April)

Some sort of finality can take place that will involve your own situation and what somebody else desires. Their manner of thinking will tend to be logical as well as responsible. This could be the beginning of finalising something that will be completed by mid November that was first considered in September.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR TAURUS: (Born between 21st April & 20th May)

Something coming to fulfilment that you didn’t expect can place you in a situation where definite decisions need to be made after perhaps considering this possibility during September. Attention to detail will be necessary as well as ensuring you do not take on too much that could see you becoming a slave to circumstance.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR GEMINI: (Born between 21st May & 20th June)       

Any commitment expected by somebody else can become more obvious. You need to seriously consider how this could limit or inhibit something you enjoy. You could also realise that you have considered matters in a more optimistic way without realising you have been dealing with intentions that have the desire to control.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR CANCER: (Born between 21st June & 22nd July)

You can feel it is time to move forward with ideas or plans to get something into place that you had wanted to do in September. In between time, it is possible you have become aware of how to get the agreement of somebody else or work around any challenges they have previously presented. They primarily want consideration.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR LEO: (Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)

If you have been learning something new or refreshing your knowledge about something you have been involved with for a while, you can gain clarity on the best way to move forward with some improved methods or means. This could mean you will let go of future directions you were planning to take or aspects of those goals.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR VIRGO: (Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)    

You will have a sense of being able to move forward when it comes to your income or what should be done financially. It could also be that you have become more accustomed watching your spending more carefully to the point where this has become a habit that you plan to continue with long term. This is entirely possible.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR LIBRA: (Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)

Mercury, the planet of thought and communication will move forward in your sign this week, giving you a sense of finally being able to put things in place, once and for all. You could also realise these need to be decisions you make for yourself without being influenced by what might seem, at times, rebellious behaviour of others.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR SCORPIO: (Born between 23rd October & 21st November)    

You will feel as though you have had enough in some way and unless you make definite decisions to bring things to an end, matters will just drift on. You should be left in no doubt about the position of somebody else, even if it is not what you expected. If you have had enough of a particular routine, set out to change it.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR SAGITTARIUS: (Born between 22nd November & 21st December)

You can have a second chance between now and mid November with priorities you attempted to establish in September that didn’t quite work out. This could involve a group of people or have a connection to somebody who was in a position to recommend you in some way. This can provide some sort of financial stability.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR CAPRICORN: (Born between 22nd December & 19th January)

The ability to make commitments you know you can carry through can give you a greater sense of security on a personal level. This may have a connection to something that didn’t work out as you expected during September. In part, it may have been that you realised more work had to be done. You can gain recognition.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR AQUARIUS: (Born between 20th January & 18th February)

To be able to move forward successfully in the future you could now to come to realise that there a certain things you have to be prepared to let go. Making decisions about this would be wise from now to mid November. You need to set out a plan of action that will see you ready to start major new cycles at Christmas time.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR PISCES: (Born between 19th February & 20th March)

Any situation that involves decisions other people desire to put in place could now become difficult to avoid. There will be some sort of finality where they are concerned, especially if the subject first came up in September. You have to be prepared to take on the commitment of making some sort of arrangement.