Clairvoyant Adelaide

4 December 2014 | Hidden Post


Clairvoyant, Anne-Elisabeth, has been doing clairvoyant Tarot readings in Adelaide for nearly 40 years.  The office is just north of Adelaide in Walkerville.  There is plenty of off road parking and it is easily accessable by 2 bus services from Adelaide.  It takes about 15 minutes on the bus – buses leave Adelaide every 15 minutes or so.

The beauty of the Tarot is that it gives a definite path to initially focus upon and then many more things open up from there.  Anne-Elisabeth uses Astrology in combination with the clairvoyant Tarot readings because this will give time frames.  Astrology is utilising the person’s birth date to see where the planets were positioned at birth and where they are positioned at the time of the reading and into the future.  It enables Anne-Elisabeth to see when matters showing will likely occur.

When tuning in clairvoyantly, which we all do, we are going to another level beyond this physical plane that we inhabit while incarnated in our physical body.  There are no time frames on this dimension, only a series of events.  Sometimes it is not so much that people are attempting to do the wrong thing in life but more they are pursuing it too soon because they have clairvoyantly picked up the next stage.  It will feel like it needs to be done now.  Astrology shows when the time is right to pursue that path.

You may come to Walkerville, Adelaide for a Clairvoyant Tarot Reading or it can be done equally as well by telephone or skype.  With a personal visit there is the choice of a one hour, half hour or hour and a half reading.

One hour is one most people choose – it sounds a long time but does go fairly quickly.  A half hour clairvoyant reading is good if you want to ask just one question.  These are different Tarot layouts and the 1 hour reading or hour and a half reading will bring up more than one subject very often.

There is also a 15 minute clairvoyant reading available by phone or skype only.

Credit card and Eftpos Facilities are available with both personal visit or for phone and skype clairvoyant readings.

Go the the ‘Personal Consultations’ tab at the top of the page to navigate your way to all the costs for Tarot Readings, also Astrology Readings.