Forecast Week Beginning 28th October 2013

21 October 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts

ARIES:  (Born between 21st March & 20th April)

Either somebody who actually has authority or somebody who wants more authority in your life can put you under pressure.  In situations where you have a choice you should avoid complying with their wishes because there are too many things that are not straightforward or clear to you.  More time for careful analysis is essential.

TAURUS:  (Born between 21st April & 20th May) 

There is a huge amount going on with other people but it is more about them than it is about you.  This can give you a sense of isolation.  It can also result in a very important turning point.  You need to be honest about how this can have a draining effect on you or distract you so much that it takes you away from your own needs.

GEMINI:  (Born between 21st May & 20th June)

Be responsible towards the needs of your body or you could find it letting you down, due to health issues, just when you need to be well.  This is a good time to take action towards putting some sort of regular program in place for the benefit of your wellbeing.  It is also a good time to sort out an efficient daily routine for anything.

CANCER:  (Born between 21st June & 22nd July)

You can be lucky, though there needs to be an element of caution and responsibility in what you do while at the same time utilising your natural skills for creativity.  Clearly communicate your thoughts – somebody who has power in a situation could be impressed.  Matters could have an unusual way of bringing the end result.

LEO:  (Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)

Something substantial can begin to establish itself though there is an element of the unknown attached to it.  The necessity to review the past, which can include long held habit patterns, is likely.  You have the opportunity to establish regular routines that will enable you to create a whole new world for yourself if you stick to them.

VIRGO:  (Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)

You are in the throes of beginning a new 2 year personal cycle that will now require some sort of review or questioning of past thought processes, decision making or comments you have made and the effect it has had personally.  You could realise better ways of approach though, you have got until early December to sort it out.

LIBRA:  (Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)

You are best to observe the goings on of other people while refraining from any attempt to alter matters.  You can feel a strong need to get some sort of control but it will be almost impossible to know exactly the position someone else will take.  They prefer to keep their options hidden.  Create some pleasant distractions for yourself.

SCORPIO:  (Born between 23rd October & 21st November)

There is so much going on personally which could demand more of you than you expected.  The Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign this week adding significance to events in your life and how things will unfold during the next 6 months.  The need to rethink matters is strong.  Group discussion will be of great advantage to you.

SAGITTARIUS:  (Born between 22nd November & 21st December)

You need to play two roles right now.  There is much going on behind the scenes and this can mean you need to be secretive (which is not your natural way) about anything important you wish to put in place for yourself.   So that you do not arouse suspicion you should be your normal friendly outgoing self but watch what you say.

CAPRICORN:  (Born between 22nd December & 19th January)

Involvement with friends or a group of people could create a significant turning point in your life.  It might also be that you come across somebody from the past.  Focus on your long-term goals and don’t be afraid to discuss them.  Others can contribute some valuable thoughts that could open up other possibilities to you.

AQUARIUS:  (Born between 20th January & 18th February)

You should review obligations, past and present – be honest with yourself regarding what you can manage.  Proper compensation could come into this as well.  It can be a way of judging your true value to somebody else.  Standing up for what you believe is reasonable could bring surprises from others, either good or bad.

PISCES:  (Born between 19th February & 20th March)

The actions someone else encourages you to take could put a whole new view on what would be good to aim for in the future.  It may simply be that they have more confidence in your ability than you do yourself.  If there is something you have wanted to learn, now is the time to look into the ways you can go about doing it.