Weekly Horoscopes from 11th March 2024

4 March 2024 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts

Weekly Horoscopes by Anne-Elisabeth discuss what each of the 12 Zodiac Star Signs or Sun Signs can expect in life.  This is generated by the interactions of the planets as they travel through the Zodiac Signs in the heavens.


Weekly Horoscope for Aries: 

(Born between 21st March & 20th April)

Mercury, the planet of thought and communication has moved into your sign where it will remain for an exceptionally long time – up to 16th May.  This will give you plenty to think about and might encourage you to want to make decisions quickly.  However, be prepared to change your mind during April or for things to change, so have some patience.


Weekly Horoscope for Taurus: 

(Born between 21st April & 20th May) 

New things might suddenly become important, which might be a bit of a surprise, even to you.  Taking a balanced approach, where you might also need to make some adjustments or compromises will not be so challenging up to early April.  This could also be a time where changes take place involving a group of people or friends as well.


Weekly Horoscope for Gemini:  

(Born between 21st May & 20th June)

A sudden realisation that either something might be better dropped you were planning for the future or it becomes obvious matters won’t go that way.  There is no urgency when it comes to alternative decisions.  You need to work out, between now and mid May, what might be a better alternative.  Expect to change your mind a bit.


Weekly Horoscope for Cancer:

(Born between 21st June & 22nd July)

Someone who has been a bit of a mystery could now decide to take a more open approach to early April.  This can come just when you have made up your mind to look to new directions in the future.  There will be much to think about from now to mid May when it comes to mentally committing in some way.  Don’t rush decisions.


Weekly Horoscope for Leo: 

(Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)

A new level of dependence that you didn’t see coming could be expected of you.  This does not necessarily need to continue into the long term future but may not give you a lot of choice up to mid May.  In this period you will need to work out what is reasonable and what they perhaps need to learn to manage.  This will be up to you.


Weekly Horoscope for Virgo: 

(Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)

A very pleasant period with other people will be in play to early April.   You might be encouraged to try something out of the ordinary and surprisingly get a taste for it in the future.  Don’t worry too much for the moment, about anybody who wants to be mysterious.  There will be plenty of time to work that out later, so just enjoy yourself.


Weekly Horoscope for Libra: 

(Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)

The time has come to wind up social activity to some extent and focus on any jobs that might have been put to one side.  You could decide to put some new routines in place between now and early April.  Don’t rely too much on the decisions that other people might need to make up to late April.  By mid May there can be more certainty.


Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio:

(Born between 23rd October & 21st November)

If you have been working well at putting things in place of late you can now afford to relax and bit more and enjoy yourself to early April.  You cannot afford to take your mind off usual routines that need to be seen to though.  You might also realise during April that there could be more efficient ways to handle matters, which could include health habits.


Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius:

(Born between 22nd November & 21st December)

You will have the opportunity to early April to get something new in place that you have perhaps been thinking about or finding the right information on, of late.  This could include home or family matters.  The aim here will be to establish something more balanced that you find harmonious.  You could discover strength of mind you didn’t realise you were capable of.


Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn:

(Born between 22nd December & 19th January) 

There could be a lot to think about, from now to mid May, when it comes to family or the way in which you want to structure things in your life.  You might come up with some new ideas right now that seem balanced and feasible but be prepared to change your mind, perhaps as matters alter during April. Patience of mind will see you through.


Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius:

(Born between 20th January & 18th February)

You will be highly determined mentally this week but need to leave some flexibility with any decisions you feel need to be made.  Opportunity could certainly exist but there will be a lot of change between now and mid May.  Something new can come up financially right now.  A balanced approach to this up to early April can result in some sort of stability.


 Weekly Horoscope for Pisces: 

(Born between 19th February & 20th March)

The New Moon has just occurred in your sign providing you with the opportunity to take new directions on a personal level or to perhaps establish a new attitude with any situation you need to deal with.  Venus will be in your sign until the 5th April, bringing with it a greater sense of balance or peace or the ability to create this, perhaps after feeling held back.