Weekly Horoscopes from 1st May 2017

24 April 2017 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Weekly Horoscopes by Anne-Elisabeth talk about the happenings for each of the 12 Zodiac Star Signs or Suns Signs.  This is generated by the movements and interactions of the planets in the heavens as they pass by the Zodiac Constellations.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR ARIES: (Born between 21st March & 20th April)

Mercury, the planet of decision-making will move forward in your sign this week. From now to the 16th May, it will enable you to make final decisions on anything that has been very changeable since February. With Venus in your sign now to 6th June, it would be wise to consider all angles. No need to rush into things this week.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR TAURUS: (Born between 21st April & 20th May)

There is too much going on behind the scenes for you to be able to be certain of anything. Ensure you have some quiet time to yourself this week to contemplate where life seems to be. You could have a sudden enlightenment on seeing a way forward. There can be quite a lot of detail to deal with for a successful outcome.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR GEMINI: (Born between 21st May & 20th June)       

You might be forced to accept that something you felt should be a priority really needs to be changed, especially if you keep coming up against blockages. Any situation that involves you with a group of people could cause some frustration.   A way can be found around this but trying to make it happen quickly is not the way.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR CANCER: (Born between 21st June & 22nd July)

An unexpected change with anything that places responsibility on you can at last give you a clearer perspective about what is reasonable to accept. A lot of pressure can be applied in subtle ways but you need to have strength of mind to resist this, especially if someone is setting out to make you feel guilty or sorry for them.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR LEO: (Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)

This week has some sort of learning curve on a personal level attached to it. Whatever you first had in mind in regards to future around Mid March can now begin to solidify to mid May. A different perspective on the future can be put your way. This will not require any quick decisions but more weighing up of matters.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR VIRGO: (Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)    

You will be glad to know that the mysterious aspects of somebody else will at least have some forward movement. The exact results will not become clear before mid May. Don’t enter into any commitments right now or feel as though you need to take on greater responsibility, no matter how charmingly this is put to you.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR LIBRA: (Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)

If you have been waiting for somebody else to make a decision – that could happen suddenly this week. It could simply change one situation for another. The best thing for you to realise is that there will be no going back by them – the movement is forward. I could place you in a situation of reconsidering your own position.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR SCORPIO: (Born between 23rd October & 21st November)    

Details that haven’t quite worked or been difficult to fully put together since mid March can suddenly make sense to you. You could realise it has a lot to do with someone else being secretive or difficult to manage. You will need a lot of patience up to early June. Involve yourself in other situations that you find pleasant.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR SAGITTARIUS: (Born between 22nd November & 21st December)

Don’t be put off by pushiness of somebody else, especially if you have been dealing with an ongoing situation with them that hasn’t gone anywhere solid. An unexpected change of direction related to them could provide a fortunate opportunity to you. The thing is not to be pushed any quicker than suits you.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR CAPRICORN: (Born between 22nd December & 19th January)  

Anything that has been hard to settle, put in place or know how it is really structured could begin to make more sense in a surprising way from now to early June. Right now there can still be some difficulty or lack of clarity with detail and this is why it is necessary to make haste slowly so matters can balance out.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR AQUARIUS: (Born between 20th January & 18th February)

You can gain insight on something you have been toying with in your own mind since mid March. This can have a lot to do with what you realise you have learnt about somebody else. Not that you should take any risks because this is just the beginning. You need to pay attention and weigh up information to early June.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR PISCES: (Born between 19th February & 20th March)

Anything that might have created uncertainty with finances since mid March will begin forward movement this week and perhaps in an unexpected manner. You need to be mindful of not making any spur of the moment decisions. This is more about taking a balanced approach up to early June so you get things in order.