Weekly Horoscopes from 20th January 2020

13 January 2020 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Weekly Horoscopes by Anne-Elisabeth discuss what each of the 12 Zodiac Star Signs or Sun Signs can expect in life.  This is generated by the interactions of the planets as they travel through the Zodiac Constellations.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR ARIES: (Born between 21st March & 20th April)

Remaining as free as possible from everything else that is going on can be your best bet. Gaining a clear impression on where somebody else stands can be difficult until they reach a better place themselves. The opportunity to discuss your priorities will come later in the week, especially if it involves financial changes.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR TAURUS:  (Born between 21st April & 20th May)

You could feel out of sorts initially because of difficulty in seeing a clear way ahead in the future. Actions other people have taken could give you some helpful ideas. This can begin to clear the sense of fog and quite suddenly provide a new opening that you can commit yourself to. Be mindful of the level of responsibility involved.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR GEMINI: (Born between 21st May & 20th June)       

Bit by bit you may start to gain more of a picture of the expectations others have of you. Greater opportunities to negotiate future directions you have in mind can develop, though don’t expect compromise to be easily won. You could suddenly realise alternative aims that you would be quite happy to pursue as well.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR CANCER: (Born between 21st June & 22nd July)        

Dealing with others won’t be an easy task, especially if you are seeking some sort of agreement. They could start to become more secretive in their desire to maintain control of a situation. Take the time to analyse things carefully so that you can ask the right questions. Then you will garner a reply that makes sense later in the week.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR LEO: (Born between 23rd July & 22nd August)

Don’t be tempted to be lazy with routine things because life will get busier with others leaving little time for much else and causing you much frustration if you have been lazy. Be cautious about accepting new responsibilities without giving yourself enough time to look over the details. Don’t respond because of feeling sorry.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR VIRGO: (Born between 23rd August & 22nd September)    

Someone else could be more confused that clear. They may also be approaching a matter with too much emotion. Taking risks will not appeal to you. As the week goes on you will be in a better position to come up with inventive ideas and the opportunity to put things in place that have a good basis to build upon in time.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR LIBRA: (Born between 23rd September & 22nd October)

Your energy level may not be great, making it difficult to get on with things that need to be done. You need to rest initially to give yourself time to think clearly. As the week goes on matters begin to shift, giving you the opportunity to try out your ideas. Don’t be afraid to challenge anybody who attempts to be rebellious.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR SCORPIO: (Born between 23rd October & 21st November)    

Initially there can be many distractions and you should not be tempted to be self- indulgent. You need to stay focussed on what money needs to be spent on, so that some sort of security is established. New directions that are out of the ordinary can be put into place but this needs to be suitable to you and not just somebody else.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR SAGITTARIUS: (Born between 22nd November & 21st December)

Be patient as the week begins even though you feel you need to act. As the week goes on better communication can be established or the information you need to know will present itself. Then you can act. Something quite different to what your initial thoughts or expectations were could be what you eventually decide upon.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR CAPRICORN: (Born between 22nd December & 19th January)  

Don’t be surprised if you feel agitated for some strange reason. As the week goes on some of the intensity of last week will begin to move on giving you a sense in your own mind that you will get things under control. Taking a new approach financially that you didn’t necessarily plan could arise suddenly. Work at it.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR AQUARIUS: (Born between 20th January & 18th February)

The New Moon this week will occur in your sign and with it you could feel it is time to look at setting something up very differently than ever before in life. This might involve home or family but the main thrust is satisfying your own priorities. This cannot be done overnight but bigger changes will start in earnest in life from 2021.

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE FOR PISCES: (Born between 19th February & 20th March)

You won’t be bursting with enthusiasm as the week begins mainly because it will be difficult to implement things important to you. As the week goes on you can become aware of ways around things. Some new opportunities or alternative ideas can develop rather surprisingly. You may need patience for them to come to fruition.