12 Moon Sign Meanings

17 March 2012 | Moon Sign Meanings


Moon Sign Meanings gives an explanation of how the Moon reflects the characteristics of the Zodiac Sign it is passing through on a 2 to 3 day cycle each month.  This is projected in an over-arching manner on everybody – it very much influences of overall mood of the day.

Aries Moon: 

Encourages little hesitation – let’s do it, is the theme, otherwise opportunity may be lost.  This can often result in being accident prone, if proper attention is lacking.  Aries is very energetic.  It can encourage being on the alert to keep an eye out for opportunities. The focus is intent upon the subject in a tunnel-visioned sort of way.  This is excellent for anything that requires this singular type of attention to be fixed up or sorted out.   However if a situation is more complex, side issues are not recognised, which can often mean missing important details.

There can be a need to be single minded in some situations that arise.  Patience is not a strong point.  Aries Moon can produce a desire to get on and do things as one sees fit.  If something seems to be going nowhere fast the Aries Moon will encourage dropping it all together and putting attention in another direction.  The Aries Moon generates a fighting spirit.  This can mean having to learn to stand one’s ground and not let somebody take something away that is important.  Temper may need control as arguments can easily arise.  This energy can also manifest as severe frustration.  Any blockages can be instrumental in building up frustration.  Aries Moon can generate situations where there is the need to take a more competitive approach.

Other people doing work of any description or providing a service will be quick – there is a need to ensure they are skilled and that things are thoroughly done or properly finished.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the head, brain or eyes while the Moon is in Aries.

Taurus Moon:

The Moon is well positioned in Taurus because it is in exaltation.  This can mean improvement but also generates the ability to create a good impression.

The Taurus Moon will place a focus on stability and security.  Can give a sense that there is no rush to change things.  There is no desire to change the things that work so that flexibility is not a strong point.  Taurus Moon can also generate feelings of resistance to any changes that have to be accepted.  Gives the desire to maintain a very steady approach to anything that might have been worked on earlier.  It will also encourage a keeping on keeping on attitude with a matter.

Taurus Moon will encourage a desire towards a certain amount of comfort and can be creative in working out ways to bring this into being.  It is a sign that likes food so will stimulate a desire in people to indulge, even overindulge in these pleasures.

An excellent time for utilising the services of somebody who takes care of appearances, pleasures or security in some way.  What they provide will be completely reliable.  However, they will do things at their own pace, in their own way and will not be rushed.

The Taurus Moon can give a sense of “just knowing” something, even though it might take some time for it to fully unwind or present itself.   It demands patience in waiting for results. 

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the ears, throat or neck while the Moon is in Taurus.

Gemini Moon:

Everybody is out and about with the Gemini Moon so everywhere one goes will be busy.  All forms of communication run hot.  The best Moon Sign for a party, as Gemini is the sign of communication and this is no problem at all under the Gemini Moon.  Gemini is curious and will encourage people to ask all sorts of questions of one another.  It is also gossipy, so some things heard on the grapevine should be checked out for accuracy.

The Gemini Moon can generate underlying restlessness with situations in life that might have become rather routine or perhaps boring.  This is a good time to consider options, so as to be able to gain a position where greater influence can be generated over the direction matters take.  Gathering information and gaining knowledge may be a necessity to be well placed when it comes to decision time.

These will not be quiet days, they can be full of distractions – there will be more than enough to do.  In fact, it may seem there are not enough hours in the day to cope with the variety of matters that need attention.  Boredom will set in if there is not sufficient mental stimulation.

The Gemini Moon is excellent for discussing ideas and options, producing much to consider.  However, when it comes to any work or service that requires continued focus, accuracy and preciseness at the time – this could be lacking because of distractions that arise.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the lungs, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers while the Moon is in Gemini.

Cancer Moon:

This is the Moon’s natural sign because the Moon rules the Zodiac sign of Cancer.  This means the Moon is comfortable here and will encourage people to seek situations they are comfortable with.  People will tend more towards situations they know, thereby following habit patterns.  Cancer Moon can give a strong underlying desire to get things in their correct place.

Cancer likes to see everybody well fed and comfortable.  Enjoys the feeling of being part of a family unit (this will often include a working environment as people spend so much time together and it becomes family like) with a willingness to put in whatever energy is required to keep this rolling along nicely.  These days are an excellent time for family gets togethers, also to take care of matters that need attention at or in relation to home.

The Cancer Moon can bring a sense of wanting to be cared for and protected or of taking this role with others.  It may be time to question the degree of future security that can be expected from the directions that matters may now seem to be taking.  If there are doubts or a lack of satisfaction, this would be the time to investigate exactly what could eventually generate a more fulfilling path.  There can be over sensitivity and emotion to deal with but there is nevertheless a resilience that is not fully obvious.

When it comes to seeking services from others the Cancer Moon will not encourage change from situations that have proved comfortable in the past.  If it is necessary to find a new source then the likelihood of finding someone who will prove to be comfortable and become a habit in life is strong.  The right person will produce the ‘right feeling’.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the chest, breast or stomach while the Moon is in Cancer.

Leo Moon:

Is naturally entertaining creating a desire to enjoy life and have some fun. For this reason it is another excellent sign for holding a party or attending a function designed to entertain.

The Leo Moon seeks the centre of attention and does not like to be ignored so ensure this is for the right reasons.  It can also produce audacity.  So much so it can leave others speechless and at times not game to challenge, so the door to opportunity is open through which one proceeds.

Leo Moon generates a desire to be appreciated for the effort put into any matter. This might also be something that comes into life of its own accord, particularly if there has been diligence in application in the past.

Enjoying life can become a high priority making it extremely difficult to remain connected to anything that does not have this element to it.  Life is meant to have a fun and pleasurable basis. The Leo Moon can simply bring this awareness into our consciousness.  One can be called upon to take the lead in a situation or set of circumstances.  This responsibility should not be shirked.  Handled well, it could leave one with an impressive reputation.   Matters associated with children or young people can arise.

The best services to seek under the Leo Moon, is anything associated with being noticed or to create an outstanding look about it or the self – even to arrange an outstanding social event.  Leo Moon can encourage seeking someone out who is at the top of their game.  Realise there is little flexibility – things will be done their way.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the back or heart while the Moon is in Leo.

Virgo Moon:

Can either bring the need or desire to get the finer details in place.  If there is a willingness to pay careful attention, the skill to put all the information together will eventually provide the complete picture.  This can be a very satisfying experience. Along the way, while the whole process is not clear, confidence can be easily lost, generating worry about the ability to complete the task.  By simply concentrating on getting one small step at a time completed, eventually all will come together.

As Virgo is associated with the health, this may incline greater attention to taking care of the body through either exercise and/or eating habits.  This could result in good habits being maintained as well as the realisation that they should be.

Becoming more neat and tidy in any area of life might be another desire or option to develop as well as getting to those jobs that have been left and should be done.

Because Virgo is a sign associated with patterns of existence that lead to the eventual outcome of any circumstances, these can be days that can nag at us when we know we are not doing the right thing in any situation.

Those who provide services with the Moon in Virgo will be very particular to detail and notice the smallest things that are not right.  They will seek to provide perfection.  Watch how comments are framed – they could easily taken as a criticism.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the digestive system, intestine when the Moon is in Virgo.

Libra Moon:

This is the sign of partnerships, both personal and any others.  These days can herald the need to take into account the position of the other person or people being dealt with.  This should then be compared to what is desired as an outcome.  There is likely the need to work out a strategy or to present an offer that will serve to satisfy both parties.

Compromise will be part of the process but it will be more likely that one party expects this more of the other.  For this reason ideas either will or need to be presented in a most pleasant and charming manner.  The purpose of this is to have the affect of disarming the other party.  If it doesn’t work, the interesting game of negotiation will need to be entered into.

Realisations about the importance of peace, balance and harmony in either certain situations or of life in general, can take shape.  The expression of charm, softness and good manners comes out more naturally on these days, as well as the skill to present things beautifully.

Libra is a social sign, so these days are favourable for socialising although there can be more to associations than meets the eye as there is a certain sizing up that goes on.

The Moon in Libra is excellent for any services associated with creating a beautiful appearance or improving the looks.  It also has compatibility with engaging the services of somebody to act on one’s behalf.  It is necessary, however, to communicate with them to gain understanding of how they plan to do this.  Lack of clarity on this score or uneasy feelings should not be ignored but further investigated.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the bladder and kidneys when the Moon is in Libra.

Scorpio Moon:

Is an investigative and secretive sign, providing the opportunity to look into any situation that might be a mystery and gain answers.  When it comes to another person though, that won’t necessarily prove easy.

It often heralds the need to bring something under control or to an end.  This can also bring a strong desire to impose this on others but this is not the direction in which the aim should be focussed.  What we have the right to command are our conditions and ourself.  This may then alter the circumstances of others around us.  They may then be left with little choice but to make some decisions of their own.

For some reason there may be a need to become more secretive.  It might be the only means of self-preservation.  Any secrets told to us should be kept that way.

Under Scorpio, the powers of magnetism will be intensified and this can attract all sorts of things, even people, to us.   There is a need to be highly alert to what is being wished for in life.  Any new people that come along, in any area of life, will have strong personalities with a very definite agenda.  Seek to recognise what this could be.

The Moon is in its fall in Scorpio, so that matters can fall away or fall short of expectations.  It can also produce feelings of being ignored, which can engender intense levels of determination for good or bad, often involving revenge.

These are excellent days to engage people for any investigative purpose.  They will find answers no one else has been able to.  They may not be the easiest people to relate to but that won’t be the point.  They will want control of the way they do things.  Their expertise will be next to none, mainly because they are in control and there is a certain degree of obsession.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the reproductive organs, nose, and bowel when the Moon is in Scorpio.

Sagittarian Moon:

Brings a strong sentiment of optimism and something to look forward to.  With this comes a desire of not wanting to be placed in restrictive circumstances or to have any sense of a boundary.  So anything outdoors usually works well.

The Moon here brings out the friendly and straightforward qualities associated with Sagittarius.  This makes it another sign that is favourable for any get togethers or parties and will mostly attract many takers.  There are rarely high expectations but more an acceptance of however or whatever is presented.

Something is likely to take up a lot more time than anticipated which could see things normally handled on a daily basis left to one side.  This could bring realisations as to their level of necessity as well.

Sagittarius is a sign to set sights on the long-term future with positive expectations.  Taking care of the details involved are not that appealing.  This often leads to not getting around to the details, implying a sense of being lazy.  To over-ride this, the goal needs to be important enough.

An excellent time for the promotion of anything really believed in.  If there is belief in the self in any situation in life it will not be difficult to convince others of this.

Engaging the services of somebody under a Sagittarian Moon can mean they have the skills sell themselves well.  Careful investigation into their ability to follow up is often necessary.  Engaging someone for the purpose of marketing, sales or promotion and travel is favourable – also for legal matters as well as anything connected to religion.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the hips, thighs and liver when the Moon is in Sagittarius.

Capricorn Moon: 

In this sign the Moon is in its detriment, which often leads to the breaking down of the way something has previously been established.  Happiness in having to do so is not usually the case.  At the basis of this are practical reasons that can often be protective and through taking this into account matters are better accepted.

Capricorn requires a more serious approach in some way.  Involved in this could be the development of greater levels of self-discipline.  If this is something there is a desire to embrace it should certainly lead to satisfying experiences in the management of the circumstances to which this self-discipline is applied.

If discipline seems a forced thing it is unlikely to bring with it a sense of happiness.  Even so, it will teach something, which can produce benefits that can continue to build over a long period of time.  This can be viewed as the lessons in life that need to be learned.

Obligations attached to any current situation may need to be questioned, especially if they have been a long held habit pattern that could now require a change.  Needing to learn to move on from automatically taking on obligations that others should be learning or embracing can be part of this.  Don’t take up new situations with old attitudes to responsibilities.  Life has likely moved on and so should the approach.

People engaged under a Capricorn Moon can be shy and may not sell themselves well.  They will prove to be loyal, reliable and hard working with a practical, business like attitude towards what they do in any field.  They are generally serious about doing a good job.   They can have what might be called an odd sense of humour, mainly because they see the funny side of the intricacies present in everyday life.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the teeth, knees, bones and skin when the Moon is in Capricorn.

Aquarian Moon: 

Can generate either a need or desire to move well away from normal routine.  If this includes dramatic changes, there is a need to be logical about what impact this can have because there will be an unchangeable element to this.

This might also turn out to be a bit of a shock to others.

Aquarius can generate a feeling restless without really knowing why.  It can mean that something in life is not fulfilling the deeper desires.  This can be worked out by questioning the satisfaction level experienced from different aspects of life.  Then concentrated thought can be applied as to how this could be altered to bring about greater contentment.  It may not necessarily mean changing it altogether but simply coming to realise and appreciate what it does provide in life.  A change of attitude towards it, in the mind, could make all the difference.

Aquarius is highly logical and has a way of cutting out all the unnecessary.  For this reason it is excellent for streamlining activities and making them more efficient.  Coupled with this can be a way of approaching matters that is unique and not understood or accepted at all by the majority.  This can often produce unrest.

Open mindedness and acceptance is a trait of Aquarius but it doesn’t follow that this means being prepared to compromise one’s own beliefs or decisions that have been previously made and followed.  It is this element that can prove surprising.

There is a uniqueness and individuality about Aquarius with no desire to follow the trend or to accept anything blindly.  It is humanitarian and often brings involvement with a group of people.  Also there can be contact with or the need to make use of, even learn, modern technology.

Engaging the services of a person with the Moon in Aquarius will certainly mean they will not follow the normal trend.  They may appear that way but underneath it all they will have a very different manner of looking at and approaching things.  This is an excellent sign under which to seek the services of somebody who is dealing with the most up-to-date methods or is utilising modern technology.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the shins and ankles when the Moon is in Aquarius.

Pisces Moon:

It can be difficult to gain a sense of clear definition or separation with matters.  Pisces tunes into all manner of things that surround us in life.  The only way to gain some clarity will be to have some quiet time that allows contemplation of the circumstances needing to be dealt with.

Care needs to be taken that any response to requests or demands is not because of being made to feel guilty to do so.  There is a need to mentally go beyond this sense of guilt to find the right answer.  This most often requires putting emotions to one side.

Nor is there the need to be rushed into decisions.  Contemplation is an aspect of Pisces.  This is the process that brings answers from the depths to the surface.  This takes time.  Often matters have a way of working themselves out if they are left to float for a while.

Pisces is associated with sleep.  With sleep we are disconnected consciously and so these days with the Moon in Pisces can often be that way.  Drifting into dream like states becomes quite easy and often desirable, particularly when involved in situations that do not grab us consciously.   Pisces is highly suitable for anything requiring the use of imagination and creativity.  Inspiration will surface more readily.

When engaging the services of anybody under a Pisces Moon it is important to really listen to what they are prepared to do, as it is easy to presume more than they are actually saying. They could appear extremely pliable and willing to do whatever is wanted, however this may not be the case.  Pisces is excellent sign for seeking the services of somebody to act in a caring role or to produce something highly creative.

DO NOT have operations or procedures done to the feet and toes when the Moon is in Pisces.

Moon Void of Course

This is the termed used for periods of time, generally every couple of days, when the Moon is doing nothing in the Zodiac Sign it is passing through.  It is virtually at rest.

The Moon in its cycle is in continuous contact, of some description, with all the other planets in the Solar System.  It is this contact from the Moon that sets matters of diversity in motion.  When the Moon is in one Zodiac Sign and has no more contacts to make to the planets, while in that sign, it is then Void of Course.  This Void of Course finishes as soon as the Moon changes into the next Zodiac Sign because with this, the Moon starts a whole new round of contacts with the planets.

The Void of Course Moon can last as little as a few minutes to over a day.  It varies so much because of both the Moon and the planets being in continuous motion.

It pays to keep a check on when the Moon is Void of Course as these are not good times to initiate or start matters, to come to an agreement, to have job interviews, to auction a house or have open inspections, as a few examples, because nothing will come of it.

The Moon Void periods are those times when you plan to do so much but end up doing little or nothing.  People seem to run late with it.  The Moon Void is an excellent time for relaxation, to be in a quiet space and contemplate matters and get answers.  It is excellent for a nice long lazy lunch or any social get-togethers where everybody is there to enjoy the company of others and simply relax.  We sleep well when the Moon is Void, also sleep in.