About the Moon

18 March 2012 | Moon Sign Meanings

The Sun takes 30 days to move through one Zodiac Sign and 12 months to move through the entire Zodiac of 12 Signs, creating our birthday as well as the Sun Sign we know ourselves to be, based on our birthday.  This aspect of our Horoscopes can be known so easily (except for those born on the cusp or changeover from one Zodiac Sign to another) because of the Sun being in the same part of the Zodiac at the same time of the year.  This is the only planet in our Solar System operating in this way.

The Moon takes only 28 days to move through the 12 Zodiac Signs – having the shortest cycle of all the planets in our Solar System.  The relationship between the Sun and Moon creates the phases of the Moon – this is generated by the faster cycle of the Moon.  When the Sun and Moon come together, we have a New Moon, when the Moon moves 90 degrees ahead of the Sun, we and have First Quarter of the Moon, when the Moon opposes the Sun, we have a Full Moon and when the Moon moves another 90 degrees on from the Full Moon, we have the Third Quarter of the Moon.

The New Moon, ¼ Moon, Full Moon and ¾ Moon each month occur in a different Zodiac Sign.  This means there is basically one New Moon in each of the 12 Zodiac Signs during a year.  The same goes for the Full Moon, the ¼ Moon and the ¾ Moon.

Because there are 13 Lunar months to the year and 12 Solar months to the year, there will be two New Moons etc. in one Zodiac Sign only.  One occurs at the very beginning of the Zodiac Sign, followed the next month at the end of the same Zodiac Sign.  This has a new beginning/endings process associated with it.

The Moon is the planet that brings the greatest change to the “types of day” experienced by all of us.

In the Moon’s 28-day cycle through the 12 Zodiac Signs, it spends 2 to 2½ days in each sign.  It has this variance because it moves fast, average and slow during the month.

This means that when we were born, although we share the same Sun Sign with people born in the same month, we most often do not share the same Moon Sign.  To know a person’s Moon Sign is to know what makes them tick, underneath it all.  The Moon’s Sign will reveal our automatic habit patterns, while the Sun Sign represents the behaviour patterns we have to learn to develop in our life. The relationship in the Moon Phase Cycle between the Sun and Moon, in our birth Horoscope, indicates how easy or difficult this is.  It gives a picture of how we experience and deal with partnerships.

Moon Void of Course is the termed used for periods of time, generally every couple of days, when the Moon is doing nothing in the Zodiac Sign it is passing through.  It is virtually at rest.

The Moon in its cycle is in continuous contact, of some description, with all the other planets in the Solar System.  It is this contact from the Moon that sets matters of diversity in motion.  When the Moon is in one Zodiac Sign and has no more contacts to make to the planets, while in that sign, it is then Void of Course.  This Void of Course finishes as soon as the Moon changes into the next Zodiac Sign because with this, the Moon starts a whole new round of contacts with the planets.

The Void of Course Moon can last as little as a few minutes to over a day.  It varies so much because of both the Moon and the planets being in continuous motion.

It pays to keep a check on when the Moon is Void of Course as these are not good times to initiate or start matters, to come to an agreement, to have job interviews, to auction a house or have open inspections, as a few examples, because nothing will come of it.

The Moon Void periods are those times when you plan to do so much but end up doing little or nothing.  People seem to run late with it.  The Moon Void is an excellent time for relaxation, to be in a quiet space and contemplate matters and get answers.  It is excellent for a nice long lazy lunch or any social get-togethers where everybody is there to enjoy the company of others and simply relax.  We sleep well when the Moon is Void, also sleep in.


How to use the Moon Signs explains both the general effect on us all but also how to know the days that the Moon will be significant on a personal level.

12 Moon Sign Meanings gives explanations of the types of energy generated from the Moon’s position in each of the 12 Zodiac Signs.

Daily Moon Sign Positions gives you the ability to know the times that the Moon moves into a particular Zodiac Sign and moves out.  Also found here is the time period of the Moon being Void of Course.

The times are South Australian time, being either Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) or Australian Central Daylight Saving Time (ACDT).  There are Time Zone Converter programs on the Internet where this time can be easily converted to a local time, anywhere else in the world.  I find timeanddate.com an easy site to use for this.