How to Use the Moon Signs

22 March 2012 | Moon Sign Meanings

How to Use the Moon Signs

The Moon will project the characteristics of the Zodiac Sign it is moving through on any particular day to us all – there will be the general trend of that sign in everything.

Based on when we were born, different Moon Signs will appeal to us, generate things in our life and other Moon Signs will not mean a great deal at all.

We will tend to like days when the Moon is in the same sign it was when we were born.  We will feel comfortable on these days.  Also when the Moon is in our Sun Sign as well as the sign of our Ascendant or rising sign (this is established by the birth time).  These are days that things seem to fall into place for us.

Watching when the Moon goes through the same sign where Mercury, the planet of thought and communication was positioned can be interesting.  Mercury will often be in the same sign as the Sun, but not always.  This will activate decision-making and applying the mind to whatever needs attention.  These are good days to communicate on matters.

When the Moon is in the Sign of our Venus, it will produce pleasure and enjoyment and often stimulate us to spend our money things we enjoy.  These are generally days to find the right clothes.

When the Moon is in the Sign of our Mars we will become more competitive and have a fighting spirit.  It can also generate impatience, stimulate frustration and lead to argument.

These positions mentioned above are from the faster changing points in Personal Horoscopes.  These planets are termed the Personal Planets because their cycles are quicker and change a lot, creating our individuality.

The Personal positions of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars can generally be calculated just from the full birth date.  If the Moon or any other planet happens to change signs that day, then the birth time is required to know exactly which Sign they occupied.  The birth time is required for calculating the Ascendant.

If you do not know your birth time, or that of any other person you might be curious about and the Moon happened to change signs that day, at least there is the knowledge that The Moon is one of two Signs.  Each month when the Moon comes to those signs it can eventually make it obvious which of the two signs the birth Moon must be.  There would be something more comfortable about the days of the correct Moon.

On our birthday each year, the sign of the Moon will be different to that of the year before and some years before that as well.  This will bring the influence of the Moon’s Sign into the year that is following.  Each month when the Moon is in that same sign they will be days of notable activity when normally from our birth chart this may not be the case.  We will often have more contact or need to deal with people during the year that display the characteristics of this particular Moon Sign.

Read the characteristics of this Moon Sign for the Year from Moon Sign Meanings.  When we have the same Moon as our Birth Moon Sign occur on our birthday it presents a certain level of comfort to us in that year.