Forecast Week Beginning 17th December 2012

10 December 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Get as many jobs out of the way as early as possible because all sorts of unexpected pleasurable situations can arise.  Your energy level will be easily drained if you have to cope with too much at once.  Be cautious about any promises you make.  Your intentions at the time can be good but you may have difficulty fulfilling them.


You could feel out of sorts mainly because it will be difficult to gauge what others are expecting.  When it comes to what should be spent there can be differences of opinion with perhaps more expected from you than you will get in return.  Don’t respond out of feeling guilty.  It is important relationships develop some reality.


There should be a lot to enjoy with others.  It is as if you and others come under one another’s influence.  You need to be very careful about overindulgence on any level.  You might like responsibilities to disappear but in reality they won’t.  So in the end, work out what can be best enjoyed without going beyond reasonable limits.


It can be hard to know where you stand with others.  They can appear far more self- confident than what they really are.  You need to pay attention to the smaller, less obvious things about them.  This is where the answers lie.  Your energy level may not be the best so you should ensure that you get enough rest and proper exercise.


Leisure, pleasure and social activity will be in abundance with some out of the ordinary experiences as well.  It may have the effect of giving you a different view of future possibilities.  There is something becoming more serious at the basis of your life with perhaps an unpredictable element.  You should not forget what you enjoy.


Involvement with family will give you the greatest pleasure and enjoyment.  This can include doing things in your own home.  Keep things simple, otherwise, you can end up doing more work than you really need to.  Don’t be afraid to tell somebody if you think they are demanding or expecting too much.  They can be unaware of this fact.


You will have a lot of running around to do.  The busier you get, the more easily you will forget things, so write yourself a list.  Usual routines with others can change but this is more likely to be in the direction of something else that you will enjoy.  Things that should to be done at home might need to be put on the back burner.


You could be expected to spend more than you normally would.  You will be more easily convinced if it provides you with a sense of pleasure.  Even so, there may not be the need to do all that is expected.  You have an eye for being able to do things in a manner where some practicality is injected and this certainly won’t hurt.


There will be lots to do and more than enough to occupy you.  This can include many people wanting to catch up with you.  Be careful this does not distract you from things you need to do for yourself, so you could get to the point of having to say no.  Be cautious about spending money on impulse.  Consider its future use.


You will want to be selective about your involvement in certain social activities.  You will likely enjoy things that come up in the short term rather than something that has been planned for a while.  You could also have a backlog of matters that need to be dealt with before you could feel entirely comfortable about indulging in pleasures


Involvement with friends or groups of people should prove most enjoyable.  This may not just mean people you have known in the past.  You could be introduced to a different group of people through someone you know.  Finding something you have always wanted is another possibility.  Be cautious about how much you spend.


Something you expect to be easy going could put you under a lot of pressure.  It will teach you things about yourself and perhaps your friendships and acquaintances.  It may also stimulate you to focus on your priorities more.  When it comes to the type of foundations you want to put in place you could be dealing with opposition.