Forecast Week Beginning 10th December 2012

3 December 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You have come to a turning point that involves your view of the long-term future.  You can begin to see any personal frustrations that have generated a desire to rebel in a different light.  New opportunities can arise that makes these things no longer valid, making you realise that life seems to sort out what will be in the end.


Whatever stalled perhaps creating some mystery where others were concerned from early to mid November can now return.  They could become more certain about new directions that need to be taken but what that exactly means is not likely to be clear to you.  There is not much you can do but to wait and see what response is required


New directions can begin to establish themselves with other people.  You could also realise they have noticed you or your abilities more than you thought.  Expressing appreciation for any past efforts from you could also occur.  Much give and take can occur to January.  Be careful you don’t get landed with obligations you don’t want.


This is a good time to put some focus on your health and general well being which can include paying attention to proper nutrition.  You are also likely to leave things that need to be organised to the last minute and then find so much more requiring attention with time fast running out.  Some sort of streamlining needs to take place.


Social activity will pick up and this might include some new experiences.  People you meet will be interesting and could stimulate you to think about your own future from a different perspective.  You may not be sure about what is really meant by comments made.  This is not a time to act on anything, so just let it float for now.


You can now get back to making decisions about home or family matters that you might have attempted in November.  Anything that stopped you then could now be seen as beneficial.  You can realise a new approach would be best, especially if there is a lack of clarity with someone else.  Don’t let this interfere with your own plans.


Things are looking up mainly because outcomes will begin to emerge rather than what you have been experiencing with matters remaining stagnant or not going anywhere.  It can seem it is time for some new ideas.  There can be a lot of running around.  You need to be aware of distractions – they can waste much of your time.


Money might need to be spent on things other than what you planned.  With all spending you should be mindful of maintaining a limit or it may easily get out of hand.  You could also begin to have realisations that different things are of value to your life.  It can surprise you to find yourself thinking along these lines.


The New Moon this week occurs in your sign providing you with the opportunity to establish new directions on a personal level.  You should feel more optimistic than you have in a while.  Something that wouldn’t quite fall into place from early to mid November will now do so to January.  Think before you comment too freely.


There is a lot to keep you busy but at the same time there is more building up behind the scenes than is obvious.  You will have a strong urge to get rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose.  The more time you have been thinking about this, the more you are likely to shed.  This can have a liberating effect.


Some of the pressure of late will begin to ease.  Its benefit has been to encourage you to consider what needs to be a priority in your life.  New directions can be established with friends or perhaps a new friendship could enter your life.  There is much to enjoy.  Accept any invitations that come your way or issue some yourself.


Be mindful of agreeing to commitments you could be put under pressure to accept.  You need to ensure limits are maintained with anything you are prepared to take on.  You could convince yourself that these things will be easy to manage only to discover later that it involves far more than you thought.  Ensure you have an out, should you require it.