Forecast Week Beginning 8th October 2012

1 October 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Much will go your way to mid November.  You can gain insight into important future goals.  At the same time you need to ensure you are being realistic, especially when it comes to the involvement of others.  Much can be talked about and seemingly agreed to.  They could fall away from the whole thing at a most inconvenient time.


You can feel lucky, giving you a sense that the future has much better prospects.  Don’t be tempted to spend money too freely.  You need to look at the regular things that need to be paid first.  Interaction with others will become a lot busier with more people getting in touch with you.  Things may not be what they first seem though.


Others will have no qualms about pursuing their needs to mid November.  If you are not careful you could be landed with responsibilities you didn’t expect.  You will tend to look at the fun side of situations but you need to learn to look into all the details that contribute to the whole matter and how this can affect daily routine.


New foundations can be put into place more easily than you expect.  All it takes is persistence in communicating with those from whom you require a response.  It will be difficult to gain clarity on the long-term future but that is not to be worried about right now.  Work steadily on getting the initial stages in place.  Don’t give up.


You can be easily distracted by fun and frivolity until mid November.  You might also be tempted to act quickly on someone else’s suggestions without looking deeply enough into what they might really mean.  You need to be serious about the things you should establish, particularly where there can be benefit financially.


If there is something you would like to take up as a hobby or for pleasure, do so – it can bring you much enjoyment.  You need to be single minded when it comes to the way you want matters organised, no matter how guilty someone else may make you feel if you don’t want to go along with them.  Do what gives you a sense of peace.


The New Moon this week occurs in your sign, providing you with the opportunity to head in new directions with anything of a personal nature.  This may include bringing something into the present that you enjoyed in the past, so that you can continue with it into the future.  You will still need time to think some ideas through


Your thoughts and ideas follow a definite trend but expressing them too directly may give people the wrong idea.  It is right to focus intently on where you stand in life.   You need to be cautious with financial matters to mid November.  Before spending, consider whether you really need it or that you are clear on all aspects.


You are beginning a new 2 Year Cycle with Mars in your sign until 17th November.  Your energy level will pick and so will your self-confidence.  It may be difficult, right now, to gain a clear idea of how to get matters organised, mainly because you come under the influence of others.  Listen to your feelings – they can tell you a lot.


Consider your priorities, as there is likely a need, as well as the opportunity, to bring something to an end to enable you to fulfil your wishes eventually.  Much of this is about bringing more of a balance into life in the future.  You need to be realistic about the commitments you can make based on present routines in life.


Life is changing, requiring you to think about responsibilities that could form part of your life for a long time.  This does not mean you should accept whatever comes your way.  It can mean you need to take a responsible approach to what you can manage or think is fair to manage.  This can include bringing something to an end.


You can be landed with obligations you don’t really like, requiring you to decide what actions need to be taken to alter the situation.  There will be people who can give you some good advice, mainly because they look at matters in fine detail – something you find hard to do.  This may help you to realise what is important.