Forecast Week Beginning 3rd December 2012

26 November 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Things will only work if you have taken care of the details.  Don’t try to push anything that refuses to fall into place.  Someone else’s desires could be interfering here and it means they have put a lot more planning into creating this resistance.  It is also more likely that your ideas have been broad and more futuristic that theirs.


You should focus on anything you enjoy that seems to have gone by the wayside.  Be determined to bring this back into your future, no matter how much seems to be expected of you from others.  You need to be careful that your individuality is not stifled by the obligations someone else expects you to take on.  It can be draining.


You are now at a turning point with any personal matters that have been going backwards rather than forward since early October.  This is the stage of beginning to work out how you can turn things around.  Be prepared for slow progress until late January – then you will move ahead.  Intuition is accentuated, so take notice.


The actions of others will tell you more about how they are thinking than anything else.  Your own thinking processes can be quite analytical and this will often be converted into your conversations.  Someone could be impressed though they may wonder where things will head in the long term.  This is their confusion, not yours.


You need to think before you spend by analysing just how useful anything will be in the long term – particularly on a daily basis.  If it just seems a nice thing to do or buy, it is probably best forgotten.  Catching up with people you have not seen in quite a while could be very enjoyable.  They could also surprise you in some way.


You should not be shy about insisting that your wishes should be taken into account, particularly in situations where this is generally not the case.  You can be luckier than you expect on this score, mainly because of the element of surprise coming from you.  If you want to reverse obligations, now is the time to act.


Any annoyance you feel about somebody else is best kept to yourself, especially if they expect you to organise things their way.  They are probably not as confident as they want you to believe when it comes to the responsibilities attached.  This could become a regular routine if you are not careful, so think carefully before proceeding


Something you need to be committed to personally and how this will affect daily routine or be managed on a daily basis will not be easy to reconcile.  You can worry about it taking the fun out of things.  What this can force you to do is look at your priorities in life more closely.  Financial costs involved can also be a big factor.


You can feel at the mercy of others but that is beginning to turn around.  What will support this is the degree of confidence you have in yourself.  It may be necessary to command greater attention. Decide on what you are willing to be committed to.  All the questions won’t be answered so get comfortable about your own position.


Something will enable you to feel confident about being able to initiate matters towards the sort of development you are seeking in the long term.  The details involved can seem overwhelming and for this reason it is wise not to rush anything.  What someone else desires can create hold-ups.  Success is just a matter of time.


Whichever way you turn it will be difficult to implement your ideas or to get others to accept them.  The main thing is not to take on obligations you really don’t want.  It is entirely up to you to ensure there will be things to enjoy in your life.  Others are more concerned about themselves and have no qualms in maintaining this focus.


Difficulties can arise with friends or with any situation that involves you with a group of people.  It is more about what they want and this could make you feel almost invisible.  This can make you realise that you have not paid close enough attention to the sort of foundation you need to get in place for what you want long term.