Forecast Week Beginning 11th March 2013

4 March 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You can feel as though you are coming out of hiding – all the hold-ups in relation to personal matters you have been experiencing since early February will cease.  You will be full of energy until 20th April with Mars, your ruling planet in your sign.  You begin a new 2-year cycle.  Your confidence will increase.  Watch impulsiveness.


Different priorities may begin to take shape almost without seeking them out.  This may have something to do with the past and in line with what gave you pleasure.  Being able to put things in motion will not be quick.  Not all the answers will be available.  You will have to wait for them to surface from now to your birthday.


You can now find ways to leave some obligations and/or pressures behind you.  You will not have a complete escape but more feel you are taking some forward steps.  These pressures should have made you aware of what you no longer want to further develop but more dramatically change so that you can create a better future.


Though you have been focussed on future goals or where to take something over a period of time, you can now have a new view of things.  At the same time you need to make some sort of commitment now.  This will be followed up in a few stages to yet develop.  The result will be a continuous increase of pressure, so remain alert.


Dealing with the needs of others has distracted you from your own matters of late.  You will now feel it is time to look at your own goals.  This might stimulate some questioning of what you believe in as well.  This is only the first stage – there is still the neediness of others but you have perhaps helped to set them in new directions.


The interaction and activity you have been experiencing with others will now begin to take a new path.  A degree of secretiveness can begin to develop, combined with some selfishness on their part.  This might be something you have experienced in the past.  It would be wise of you to reconsider the position you want to take.


Someone will begin to feel much more sure about their position and show what they are about a lot more.  Best you deal with this in typical Libran fashion by observing rather than reacting.  You need to time analyse what this is all about and so begin putting this new picture together.  They intend to further strengthen their position.


You have been quite fortunate of late with many things falling into place rather easily.  You are now beginning a process of having to deal with details a lot more.  This will be an increasing exercise.  Having a clear vision of your commitments will be helpful.  At the same time you will need to take care of your general well being.


The more you have focussed of late on getting a good foundation place with anything from home to work, the better will be the first beginnings of pleasure that will now begin because of the efforts put in.   There are still things that need to be organised, part of which can involve new opportunities to get matters finalised.


There has been much to think about of late, even too many different things.  Action time is beginning requiring you to decide on what sort of foundations need to be put in place.  This can involve matters at home as well as family.  If you have been procrastinating about getting things done at home, the time has come to move on it


You can feel the time has come to be more forthright when it comes to what you think.  Whether your ideas or comments shock other people is unlikely to concern you, mainly because you may have been too compromising of late.  Nothing will be stabilised yet but you have to begin.  There will be more to follow in the same vein.


The New Moon in your sign has added another layer to new beginnings that have been establishing themselves since early February.  A financial element can begin to take shape now.  This can be associated with either money you spend or money you earn.  You need to guard against doing anything on the spur of the moment.