Forecast Week Beginning 4th March 2013

25 February 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Someone else’s expectations can be frustrating.  You need to keep your cool and not let them know what you are thinking.  If you start to say something you could end up saying more than you should.  This could be more detrimental to you than to them.  Finding some sort of escape through something you enjoy will compensate.


There can be much to enjoy with friends or any involvement with a group of people.  If it is a new situation then some long-term friendships will likely be established.  Amongst those you already know, you could find a person who is normally serious more relaxed and fun than usual.  You could realise money can’t buy this happiness.


If the pressures of daily routine seem overwhelming, the time has come for you to take a serious approach in addressing them.  You have probably got yourself to blame because you have not recognised boundaries you should have put in place along the way.  It is not too late.  You might have to go back on past promises made


Focus on how you would like to see your future unfold rather than what doesn’t seem to be working right now.  You could have more support than you realise.  The people who need to respond are not fast movers.  There is plenty of opportunity there but they need to be sure.  Your imagination is likely in overdrive right now.


You could begin to realise the benefit of keeping life simple.  Many around you have so many complications.  Before you get too involved you need to consider the obligations you have to meet in your own life.  This is something you need to focus on for the next 2-3 years, so it is not a passing phase.  Help but remain detached.


Other people can be compelling in relation to involvement with you.  It will be hard for you to see what they are expecting.  What you need to look out for is any rise in the obligation level.  This will lean more your way than their’s.  Your lesson here is to express your thoughts, even answers in a way that makes things black or white.


Future prospects can seem daunting because of what seems to continuously increase on a daily basis.  At the same time others seem to do as they please.  You may now have to question areas where you have been too accommodating in the past.  You cannot fully escape – it is more a matter of juggling things around.


Things are working well for you, which is a change from what you have endured in the last 2-3 years.  Some of it might seem too good to be true.  Measured risks will pay off – this falls in line with your general nature.  Don’t be pushed into doing anything that seems too much.  It might be the way of others, but not for you.


Waiting and patience will pay dividends, as will a certain amount of secrecy.  It is the only way you will get response from others because they experience you not behaving as they had presumed.  You might feel as though they still have a great deal of control but the important thing is that they don’t realise this.  Work on this.


There is a lot going on, putting you under pressure to somehow get it all to fit together in the right order.  To establish proper balance you likely need to get rid of some unnecessary elements.  This will take will power.  It is something you have to sort out and manage yourself.  In the end it is your own decisions that will count.


Be careful you do not misinterpret what enjoyment is all about.  Something you expect to be pleasurable may turn out to be a disappointment.  This can be because you are more focussed on the pleasure than you are on what you really need, to be happy yourself.  Your main responsibility needs to be what will bring you peace.


Reflect on what you have felt about your past and any elements of this you do not want to bring into your future.  Dreams can come true but this involves being able to see the obligations attached, as nothing in life is without these things.  The more you recognise this the better you will utilise the life changing cycles you are now in.