Forecast Week Beginning 18th March 2013

11 March 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Much more will begin to go your way.  Be careful of acting too quickly, however tempting.  Venus will move into your sign until 15th April requiring you to find a balance in all things.  This is in contrast to moving swiftly ahead.  So you have the choice of either carefully considering first or then having to do so with the results.


The more you have considered your priorities since early February, the better you will fare with any unexpected surprises that can occur anytime soon.  Bit by bit you can feel powerless when it comes to having any control over matters.  You will need a lot of patience because it won’t be until mid April before you will start to move on.


Much pressure of late that you have to endure will start to ease.  As a result of these experiences you will now be in a position to reconsider a way forward that can be taken.  Don’t be afraid to enlist the support of those you know who are in a position to do so.  It can be more whom you know than what you know at the moment.


You will now have to make a commitment or take responsibility for the goals you have had in mind since early February.  This can happen very quickly.  Don’t let any suddenness distract you from applying a balanced approach to it all.  This will operate in stages.  The first stage will likely require you to reconsider the future.


It will become easier to disentangle yourself from the demands or desires of others.  You will feel freer to consider your future goals and this can seem an uplifting experience.  You may seem to gain a sudden clear vision of future possibilities.  Bringing them into play will take some time.  Consider all options until mid April.


Secretiveness can become a key element where others are concerned.  Rather than feel insecure about this, put your natural analytical skills into play with a focus to work out their underlying motivations.  You could also begin to realise your best mode of operation with them after all the confusion that has reigned since February.


Whatever others expect from you will become more obvious as well as their intention to dominate.  This could hit you like a bolt out of the blue.  It can seem their secrets are being revealed.  There is something about the situation that you need or want and for that reason you will have to employ your persuasive talents.


Detail needs to be dealt with carefully, however frustrating this might be.  You could feel as though you are not being appreciated for your efforts because of surprising circumstances.  You are naturally perceptive and this can stand you in good stead if you take a patient approach.  Any reflex action from frustration will not help at all.


The more you have focussed of late in getting some order established, which can include home matters, the better prepared you are to now enjoy opportunities that can present themselves.  There is something unpredictable about this while at the same time pleasant and enjoyable.  You might have to rethink previous plans.


Ideas you have been contemplating since February can now move forward requiring you to begin putting the foundations in place.  This can concern home and family matters.  It can also be anything you want to get established so that you can move on in some way.  Don’t surprised if an argument quickly sets things in motion.


Whatever you have needed to focus on about yourself of late is now moving to the stage of considering the decisions you need to make.  You can suddenly realise that so much is up to you and it you are not prepared to think for yourself, nobody else is going to.  Part of this can be reassessing the responsibilities you deal with.


You have been in a position to learn a lot about yourself since early February.  This has included what makes you happy and gives you a sense of peace.  From now to mid April you need to get on and make final decisions about what you feel is in your best interests.  Some of these decisions may not be easy but they are necessary.