Forecast Week Beginning 13th August 2012

6 August 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


There are new opportunities for you that have a degree of luck attached.  This could be easily missed if you are too focussed on the greater influence somebody else seems to have.  It is time you learned a different approach through discovering what type of commitment is expected in the circumstances.  Support will result in peace.


Discussions can take unexpected directions.  What starts out calmly could turn into quite the opposite.  This can be more about reassessing your priorities related to establishing a stable base for yourself.  Part of this can include daily routines and making changes that will result in greater benefits for your health and fitness levels.


A new way of looking at things can emerge after all the options you have been considering since late June.  The difference now is that you can feel more confident about what you can handle as well as being more prepared to give things a go.  This is accompanied by a sense of now being able to move rather than being held back.


You can become surprisingly rebellious to any undue pressure somebody else attempts to exert on you.  At the same time, keeping the peace is important so you should be mindful of keeping matters within reasonable bounds.  Once you have established a situation you feel secure about things will tend to stay that way.


The New Moon this week is in your sign generating a sense of taking action with all the things you have been thinking about and knowing you should do.  Begin to clear out the unwanted so you have prepared the groundwork by October for other matters you want to start putting into place for your more long-term objectives.


From patience and observation, which tend to be your natural attributes, can come some surprising answers that you will need to keep to yourself for the moment.  This does not mean you cannot be actively involved and enjoying yourself at the same time – you can.  You have to stop the mystery of others from distracting you.


You can feel two different worlds are operating in your life at the one time.  You need to focus on personal priorities requiring you to put yourself first in certain situations.  Surprisingly, this may not stop others from doing their own thing when you have expected it would cause all sorts of issues.  It provides a new perspective.


The waiting game continues but a new twist can develop this week providing a stable opportunity for future development.  Decide on what you want to get rid of and then commit yourself to remain focussed on your obligations.  At the same time you can consider what you would enjoy in the future – let it work out in its own way.


Someone else can be more determined than you realise, especially if their happiness is involved.  Security is a big thing to them but not necessarily something they mention.  All the future possibilities you have been considering for yourself that have had no clear outcome can suddenly produce new possibilities to consider.


Changes you have been making for yourself with independence in mind or because you want greater control of your circumstances can give you another perspective to consider because of somebody else.  They can have a pleasant yet disturbing effect, mainly because it wasn’t part of your plan.  Their intentions involve new directions.


Others seem to have more influence in your life than you can.  Something new will happen with them that can result in a clearer view of what is possible for you in the long term.  Put your focus on getting enjoyment from the small things you do on a daily basis that can include routines that are beneficial to your health and wellbeing.


Something out of the ordinary can bring much pleasure, making you realise that these sorts of things should perhaps become more of a priority in life.  You might need to get over having doubts about yourself.  Greatest accomplishment will occur through taking one small step at a time.  Only let those in who support your wishes.