Forecast Week Beginning 6th August 2012

30 July 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Whatever decisions you have been weighing up since April will now move to the more structured phase where you will be able to put things in order over the next month.  Ideas will seem to fall into place allowing you to move forward in areas where you need to be creative.  Keep any risk taking at reasonable levels though.


The need to do things your way will be strong and this will not encourage flexibility from you.  That sense of nothing properly fitting together is coming to an end, placing you in a better position to make alterations.  Get rid of the unnecessary to leave yourself clear to move ahead with ideas you have been toying with since June.


The more you have considered the possible outcomes of actions you would like to take since April the better prepared you will now be to move to the next stage.  You need to be careful with money matters over the next month.  You do have the opportunity to expand in the next year but caution needs to be part of the plan.


With Venus in your sign until 7th September you can at last come to peace with what has seemed to maintain a continuous mystery as well as perhaps hold-ups in your life since April.  As well, decisions related to money matters will begin to move forward.  Take some time out to pamper yourself and do the things you enjoy.


With Mercury, the decision maker, now moving forward in your sign until 1st September you can gain some clarity on what is best for you. At the same time you need to give things time to surface.   Put your ideas out there and see what response you get.  Your feelings about someone’s desires are very likely correct.


Your attempts to balance up continuously changing obligations over the last 4 months should now begin to produce results.  You will now need to consider what your priorities should be and this could be in tandem with unrealistic expectations from somebody else.  Attempt to leave any final decision making to early September


Something will begin to move ahead after feeling stuck in the one place since April.  There is the need to either deal with obligations or consider what you are willing to commit yourself to.  This will have something to do with the next 2 years so bear this in mind if you are tempted to act in haste.  Be confident about your wishes.


Something about someone’s real desires will begin to emerge after what has seemed some time in not being sure.  This can give you a better view of the future and what your reaction should be.  This can help in deciding on commitments you are willing to make.  At the moment though much of this should be kept to yourself.


What has seemed open behaviour from somebody else since April could now become more secretive or mysterious to early September.  Don’t let yourself be drawn in and distracted.  You need to put your thoughts on your own future, as something will begin to move forward here and likely provide a clearer vision.


Relationships and interaction with others can be very enjoyable to 7th September.  Agreements can be reached in situations where there have been hold-ups over the last 4 months.  If there is something you want to finalise that involves finances, apply persistence, as the time has likely come for this to reach its conclusion.


Any inconsistency with what others have been saying or promising can cease, giving you a clearer impression of what their ideas really are.  This is also the time to ask them any questions you have.  You can spend money too easily.  It is wise to keep track of all spending in the next month so that you can see exactly where it goes.


There will be more opportunity to enjoy yourself to early September and this can be a welcome change to home and family matters that have demanded so much of your attention.  If your health hasn’t been 100%, you can now find that seems to take a turn for the better.  Getting back into some regular routines can make a difference.