Forecast Week Beginning 14th May 2012

7 May 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Details can be handled with great ease – you just have to be careful that you are not too lazy to do so.  There will be the opportunity to put your own ideas into practice although there needs to be willingness towards commitment.  Someone else could back off when it comes to accepting your plans.  They won’t expect this from you.


A very clear impression of what action needs to be taken to enjoy the future in a long-term sense can emerge.  Money or resources could be the difficult aspect.  You need to be careful you do not make financial commitments that could take you backwards from now to late June.  Give yourself more time to fill in the details.


Venus, who is spending a very long time in your sign, will begin to place you in a reviewing mode from now to 28th June.  This will have a lot to do with anything you feel has been taken away from you or things you need to drop to move on.  This is something you need to mull over without interference from the desires of others.


You may not be able to rely on someone as much as you hoped.  Whoever this is could become more mysterious from now to late June.  Do not allow this to take your focus off your own priorities.  Your ideas could impress somebody else who is more powerful or has more to offer.  This could generate greater long-term benefits


What you need to take care of will have a tendency to overshadow the time you can spend on pleasurable activities.  Your thoughts need to be directed to matters from which you can benefit financially.   To make the most of it some sort of detailed research is likely necessary.  Choices between doing this and pleasure can arise.


You can at least feel yourself and that you are in a good position to see future possibilities clearly.  This can engender a creative approach towards the action you should take to put your ideas in motion.  Someone else could feel they are being left out of the picture.  They may not understand your methods of contemplation.


It will be difficult to know what others are thinking.  They can have a large bearing on the plans that you can put in place and you must be mindful that they are more likely to be secretive.  You need to have a lot of patience and wait because eventually they will have to take action.  This is the way they will reveal themselves.


Others will be most willing to communicate and listen.  There could be much rapport between your priorities, your ideas on how you would like to change things.  They could be concerned about finances and more inclined to want to cut things back.  Your nature can accept taking more control when this seems necessary.


Interaction with others has been busy since early April.  This could slow down from now to late June or perhaps it is time you were not so automatically responsive to their needs.  Reflect upon the obligations you have to fulfil and get a practical plan in place so that you can accomplish these goals.  This will bring much satisfaction.


In your own mind there is a sense of becoming more powerful.  You also know this can open up many more opportunities in the future.  This is not a speedy process but you can be quite happy with that, as taking one sure step at a time has always been the way you have progressed.  There will be happiness and contentment too.


The decisions you are making to put matters in order are the right ones.  You should not worry about the effect this will have on others because their intentions will be hidden.  However, there is not much they can do to hinder your progress.  In fact they may actually help in unexpected ways.  Slow down on the social side of life.


Someone else can become more motivated than they have been in a long time.  They can also be open to discussion with you or your ideas.  There are others though who will be quite the opposite.  Things won’t seem to fall into place.  However hard you try with them they will not give you the recognition you deserve.