Forecast Week Beginning 21st May 2012

14 May 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


It might be necessary to state your position clearly with someone else so that something becomes finalised.  Their tendency will be to keep things as they have been in the past.  You need to free yourself up so that you can move on with the next stage.  Handling things this way will result in becoming mentally liberated.


You can realise you have developed a huge level of understanding allowing you to leave niggling doubts behind.  Your finances can require extra attention to early June.  There are new beginnings but you need to be careful that you take a realistic approach because things may not be what they seem and loss can easily occur.


The Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign, bringing with it a significant 6 month period of new beginnings personally.  At the same time, something can be taken away.  You can be in a position where you have to weigh up what is important from the past to hold onto and what needs to go.  Many decisions will abound to 7th June.


You need to get back to basics in some way because of gathering too many things as priorities.  Friends or involvement with a group of people has had a lot to do with it.  This means you have to think about what should be your main priority.  Finding some quiet time just for you will be the best way of gaining some mental clarity.


There can be more to take care of than you first realised, requiring you to cut back on activities that have a distracting influence.  Surprising changes of direction involving friends can arise, creating new circumstances.  Attempting to establish their true intentions could be difficult.  Don’t let this become another distraction.


Your vision of future opportunities that are possible can make you realise what you need to be prepared to let go of.  There could be unforseen problems if you rely too heavily on others to bring this about.  Take on responsibilities you have some confidence in being able to handle yourself.  Then you won’t be disappointed.


Something can come to an end that begins to free you up, leading you to giving thought to future directions that can or should be developed.  There will be something new about this, which can come about because of past experience.  Attempting to skip over details or to trust them to someone else is not a good idea.


Communication with others can increase dramatically.  If there is anything you want to know, ask the question.  They could be more straightforward than you expect.  As a result you could have a lot more to consider.  This is a window of opportunity as things will move on quickly and this degree of openness can disappear.


Question what you and somebody else might want from the same situation because they are not necessarily being open.  There will be all sorts of new beginnings involving others during the next 6 months.  They could feel they have more to lose and this will encourage them to be hesitant.  You should observe more than act.


Being prepared to take a risk or to put pleasure first can be momentary because it is not like you to leave responsibilities behind.  Doing so can cause you to worry about whether you have made the right decision.  You have likely got enough from the past that needs to be sorted out or completed before you are ready to move on.


Deal with the things you are in a position to be able to put into place.  Don’t wonder too much about what may or may not happen in the future.  There will be much to enjoy in the next few weeks but don’t allow yourself to be tempted to spend more than you can really afford.  You might also return to an interest from the past.


Gather as much information as possible to enable you to put new foundations in place over the next 6 months.  Believe anything is possible and you can be amazed at what you will accomplish.  Returning to something that has offered security in the past could be a wise move.  This can be your way of fulfilling your present wishes.