Forecast Week Beginning 16th July 2012

9 July 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Actions somebody else takes could encourage you to react in an out of the ordinary manner.  It might also make you realise it is time to get rid of certain obligations or commitments that you have not been happy about in the past.  You need to be serious about new arrangements you would like to see put into place for the future.


You can become determined to rid yourself of any weight gain that may have taken place during the last 12 months.  Otherwise you may feel it is time you did more exercise and factored this into your life on a regular basis.  Getting anything in order from the past that you have let slip can feel very satisfying and free you up.


A good time to look into something you would enjoy as an alternative to the things you need to deal with on a regular basis.  This can involve a group of people so you need to be careful you are not encouraged to take on activities you will not want to be tied down to for long.  A more practical approach to finances might be required.


The New Moon this week occurs in your sign encouraging you to take a new look at what you are prepared to factor in as responsibilities in your life.  This can have a lot to do with what has gone on in the last 2 years.  You will need to have time to yourself during the next year, so don’t accept everything that is pushed your way.


Rethink the events that have taken place in your life since November as you could come to realise changes that could be beneficial in establishing the sort of structure you would like to put in place.  There is something long term about this and it may involve you with a group of people, even bring new friends or associates into life.


New priorities may begin to emerge.  This could come about through pressure coming from someone else based on the independence they expect to have.  Don’t feel you have to make decisions quickly.  You need to contemplate how this could affect you financially.  Keeping matters within bounds could prove very difficult.


Your patience can run thin, especially if you feel somebody else is putting little consideration towards what you have to cope with.  This can make you realise it is time to take a new direction that includes being more responsible for your own needs and not necessarily what others want from you.  Only you can change this.


You can have a new view of the future while at the same time realise the endings that will need to take place before matters can possibly head down that path.  It is more a situation of going with the flow but this is not something you are generally comfortable with because it gives little sense of having control.  Be patient.


Involvement with a group of people can connect you to people from the past that could have some bearing on where things will go in the future.  It may not be what you are used to, making you wonder about any real benefit to you.  Working out their true intentions can be difficult because they are more likely to be secretive.


You can make some real progress with anything you have applied persistence with in transforming your situation in life.  Matters involving others can take a new direction and this could be generated by the efforts you have been putting in for the last 2 years.  You might also uncover something someone else has been hiding.


Someone else could change their mind, providing an opening for you to look at your future differently.  Gaining more pleasure from situations will be important.  This could involve loved ones.  This is a good time to take up new routines that involve your health.  Moving into this slowly will enable you to factor it into life long term.


You could feel it is time to make changes to satisfy your own happiness or what will give you greatest pleasure.  Someone else may not be obliging, especially if you want to cut back on obligations attached to them.  It is important you feel at peace and comfortable with your living situation, even if this means learning to say no.