Forecast Week Beginning 9th July 2012

2 July 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You are moving into a personally reflective period that will last until mid December.  You need to learn to view the position you find yourself in as a whole.  You have a tendency to look at small stages.  This can involve home and family as well as other people that you interact with on a regular basis.  Their changes can affect you later.


Reviewing the past over the next month can be helpful when it comes to getting matters in order to improve your security.  This might include realising where you have wasted money previously.  You can accomplish a lot when it comes to sorting out details that need to be dealt with and then gathering information to do so.


Something that was fun in the past can be appealing and although it can again be enjoyable it can make you realise it is not for now or the future.  You need to consider how your priorities will be changing – this could have some connection to your friendships as well.  Reflect upon the options available to early August.


Commitments that have become part of your life since March 2011 now bring you to a point of reassessment in relation to what you want to establish for yourself.  You need to focus upon obligations you are prepared to enter into long term.  A greater element of enjoyment could be experienced long term by being sure of yourself.


You will enjoy getting things you have put to one side in the past finally sorted out.  Get in touch with people you have been meaning to contact.  You could also hear from someone you have not seen in a while.  You could also sense that life is heading towards a turning point that will result in a very different long-term future.


Moving on in one sense will require you to withdraw to some extent so that you can contemplate your position.  You could be happy to be out of the limelight as well. Be cautious when it comes to your money and other people.  You should not spend money you might need for practical matters in the future, however encouraged.


Expect some challenging situations that you annoy your more quickly than normal.  You need to stand your ground and let them know who is the boss.  In a way it can be fighting for your rights.  At the same time is it testing you to determine exactly the obligations you are prepared to accept as well as what you expect from others.


Don’t lose sight of your long-term goal even though the ability to progress will seem at a standstill.  Your sense about the true desires of somebody else is likely correct but they will be secretive, resulting in holding you up.  Your skills lie in putting details together.  This is necessary now so you are ready for opportunities.


Dealings with others should be pleasant and relaxing, giving the impression there is not much to think about.   It will stir something in you to give much more thought to them than you expected.  You need to be careful that you do not end up coming under their control or influence, mainly to make things easier for them in life.


In any situation where someone else expects or attempts to dominate, things have come to a point where you need to challenge them.  Obligations you would have once accepted likely no longer appeal.  You are becoming more independent at an underlying level than you have ever been in your life.  This cannot be squashed.


Listen carefully to what others actually say to early August.  They could backtrack on previous promises or plans.  Focus on the whole picture or what seems a logical outcome to the way circumstances establish themselves because of their decisions or lack of them.  Whenever you doubt yourself turn your mind to other things.


Knowing exactly where you stand with somebody else can be difficult.  Attempt to leave your imagination out of it because they will be secretive about their true desires.  It will be a waiting game.  You will get greatest pleasure from getting a good health routine up and running – this could include both exercise and diet.