Forecast Week Beginning 17th June 2013

10 June 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Put your thinking cap on because you can come up with some inventive ideas, as well as solutions.  Enter into discussion rather than simply stating facts.  This way you can engage others in such a way where they can be prepared to assist.  It will be wise to have the patience to allow something to reach the end in its own way.


Someone else can be stronger than you about their ideas and what they want to fulfil.  Don’t make the mistake of being distracted from your own priorities because of this.  Any uncertainties may not be entirely connected to somebody else.  Keep questioning these things and eventually the right answers will emerge with clarity.


You can be extremely restless and very likely to change things on impulse.  This may not necessarily be bad but there will be endings attached and this is what you should consider.  Someone else may seem to be with you or very influenced by you but they are hiding something.  This could become exposed late in the week.


Remain focussed on your own situation or how any matter that involves you can affect you.  What the future holds is uncertain but that has nothing to do with being able to keep things well balanced right now.  You may not be wrong if you are sensing an ending.  This should result in you feeling your power has returned.


It may seem you are wasting valuable time but generating the motivation to get out of the restive, relaxing or contemplative mode will be difficult.  You need to consider what you want to make concrete but exactly how that can be accomplished will not surface yet.  Meanwhile take up any opportunities to catch up with friends.


There is no reason for you not to be happy about your view of what you consider priorities or the things you want.  However, someone else can have the effect of casting doubt or making you feel guilty about wanting such things.  Do not allow yourself to be subject to this influence as your focus is well balanced and secure.


Someone can be more interested in your future plans than your realise but it is mainly for their own benefit.  Exactly what you think is best kept secret for now.  You need to weigh up the obligations or responsibilities you already have and how this impacts on your general well being before you take on any more commitments.


Maintain a balanced perspective on your future goals.  Do not base this on what others have to say because they are unlikely to be open and can end up confusing you.  This is because they can say one thing but mean another and the more you listen, the more you can get drawn in.  Your main commitment is yourself.


You can feel overwhelmed by somebody else and completely unable to see where they are coming from or what they are expecting from you.   It will pass by the end of the week though their motivations could still remain a mystery.  There will be another or others who are open and transparent and this will be more enjoyable.


The Full Moon this week will occur in your sign, providing you with the opportunity to reassess matters you want to fulfil on a personal level.  Dealings with others should have a pleasant tone but gaining a clear impression of whether connected situations can become concrete could be a different matter.  Don’t be distracted.


There are matters coming to a head that will not be seen just yet and will test you to maintain your resolve about obligations you are prepared to accept.  To be well prepared you should spend some time contemplating situations that tangled you up in the past that you do not want to revisit.  Do not agree to anything instantly.


The only way to have success is to put effort into establishing a good foundation from now to mid July.  You could strongly sense that luck can come into it and this can be so but it will not happen unless you put some constructive steps in place.  It will be this process that will uncover aspects that are hidden from view right now.