Forecast Week Beginning 18th February 2013

11 February 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Attempting to do things against normal convention or in an out of ordinary manner will not work.  A certain standard of behaviour will be expected.  This could have a lot to do with where life takes you in the next 2 years.  For the moment, you need to carefully consider what you would like to see grow and develop in this period.


Something could come to a standstill with others before heading in the direction of the past repeating itself in some way from now to early July.  Careful analysis on your part should enable you to recognise fairly quickly who is to gain the most from this and anything you must do to perhaps improve your own position in this matter.


The need to review obligations or commitments you are prepared to accept can arise from now to mid March.  A level of annoyance could be connected to this.  Be sure you do not act too quickly, as a result.  Family matters could reach a head.  This could give you a glimpse of someone’s true intentions and how to deal with it.


Your view of the future could change, giving a sense of needing to act quickly.  This is not the best approach.  A lack of proper analysis in the past could be the reason this is happening.  It may make you now realise the degree of control someone else wants or expects to have.  You need to decide whether you like this or not.


It will be difficult indeed to know where someone else is coming from.  Past events or behaviour will be your best clue.  Look at what can be enjoyed without getting too drawn into complications.  You have got your own standards to maintain as well as perhaps realising those certain patterns from the past that should be modified.


The Full Moon will occur in your sign giving you the opportunity to see what you have developed for yourself.  You are more likely to feel positive about it and more in control.  When it comes to others though you may not have the same confidence but may have to realise that you have to learn to feel your way, not just analyse.


You could sense there is a lot developing behind the scenes while at the same time wonder how you will manage to keep control of the way matters will be structured.  Detail that has not been properly attended to in the past could now begin to cause some problems, creating anxiety.  Someone else could be hiding things as well.


You are beginning a very important period of review about yourself, what you want from your life, where you fit in life.  This will last until 8th July.  The way friendships and associations have grown and the priority they can or should have in your long- term future can’t be ignored.  Do not overlook the power of the mind in all this.


Confusion may reign at the basis of things, giving you a sense that control is out of your hands.  Your first step is to look at the way commitments and obligations have grown of late.  Not all of these have to necessarily be accepted by you.  This is what you should review from now to mid March with a preparedness to get things sorted.


Whatever has kept you busy of late is likely to continue though you may begin to think about it differently.  You will be tempted to say what you think but should be careful of doing this impulsively.  Think about future developments and what you want to completely change about your life.  Your priorities may begin to alter.


Someone could be more influenced by you than you realise mainly because they are not as confident as they want you to believe.  You have perhaps taken on obligations without thinking since October.  Reversing some of this will be possible from now to July.  Review areas where too much money is being spent as well.


Something can come to a head where someone else is concerned – it may seem the past is repeating itself in some way.  The way you handle this is important as it can affect your life over the next 2 years.  It is imperative you take the lead when it comes to what you want or how you believe matters should be handled.