Forecast Week Beginning 25th February 2013

18 February 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You need to reflect upon whatever it is you feel you deserve from life.  This is a unique week in your life in which you can tune into the depths of yourself.  This is not something you are naturally inclined to do a lot of the time.  The attitudes and desires of others may be more flexible or agreeable than what you believe now.


Pressure of late will ease off over the next month.  Set out to enjoy yourself.  There will be greater involvement with groups of people and if you happen to join something new some valuable friendships could develop.  Don’t be tempted to spend money on impulse.  Think about the lasting quality of anything you consider.


Someone who either has authority or thinks they do could put you under increased pressure.  This can involve an expectation of you taking care of the jobs they don’t want to be bothered with.  Not your scene!  Charm is your best defence as well as baffling them with so many alternative ideas that they don’t know where to begin.


You need to use your imagination when it comes to what can be developed in the long-term future.  You can’t expect to see the beginnings of progress before your birthday.  Rather than getting frustrated now, you need to have faith that when you have sincerely considered matters enough the right answers will emerge with clarity.


The desires of others will be a complete mystery.  This could also leave you wondering as to why they create the circumstances they do in their life.  You might need to consider how this can affect whatever is becoming important to structure in your own life.  Perhaps they have been a priority where now you need to change that


There can be a lot to enjoy with others over the next month, starting with something you didn’t expect this week.  It might be time to deal with any situations where you feel too much is expected of you.  This could be challenging but it is just a matter of communicating your ideas in a matter of fact manner, which is your style


If you feel overloaded with what you need to deal with on a daily basis, now is the time to seriously look at changing this or your health will be affected.  Subtle demands of others are likely involved.  If this is left unchecked they will become more dominant.  It is up to you to establish boundaries.  They will get the message.


You might want to return to something or someone you enjoyed in the past.  Becoming more aware of what you are happy to commit yourself to can make you feel more settled.  There is much to enjoy and this is what you should concentrate on during the next month.  Stay focussed – don’t let others take you off track.


Being able to do something in your own way will be important.  Exactly how this will be accomplished may not be so clear.  You can be easily distracted by others and will have to be consistent when it comes to getting them to understand what you want to put in place.  Remain optimistic that you can work through any obstacles.


You will be busy – there will be lots to do and much of this can bring pleasure.  It might also mean you need to take a balanced approach to what is reasonable to get involved in.  Participation with a group of people can be mentally stimulating or good for learning.  You could also have an overload of information to deal with.


Improvement with finances can take place in the next month but you could also be tempted to spend more money than you should.  Make up your own mind about what you feel is best.  Don’t let others interfere with your leisure time by expecting you to take on responsibilities.  The right obligations can actually be pleasurable.


Venus, the planet of balance and pleasure moves into your sign until the 22nd March joining many other planets.  This will make life busier while at the same time require you to focus on yourself and what will bring most peace to your life.  Past mistakes can be a big help in deciding what you should not do.  This is often a good start.