Forecast Week Beginning 11th February 2013

4 February 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Something can be hidden from view or seem out of reach right now.  You need to rely on your feelings, though not in an instant way.  You have to apply yourself mentally to begin with.  This is best accomplished by finding some quiet time where you will have no disturbances and then focus on preceding stages to the present.


Anything that drains you personally needs to be brought to an end.  You may only now be realising what that is.  Don’t be afraid to rebel if you feel someone else is expecting too much from you.  This could lead to sorting out a solution that makes you happier.  They may not be aware of what you consider important priorities.


You need to decide what you will be responsible for on a daily basis or how any added pressure will affect your normal daily routine.  This requires a black and white approach.  If you let things float you could get railroaded into more than you expect.  Persistence needs to be applied as well.  This is not a strong point with you.


Your vision of the future can be quite accurate, however, you will want it to develop more quickly in your life than what it actually will.  You could feel stuck in the slow lane to mid April.  Other people can have a strong influence.  They can provide opportunities but because it may not be what you expected you can be resistant.


Your focus needs to be on what you need to put in place so that life develops a solid basis.  You can be easily distracted by the needs or desires of other people, including anxieties.  They won’t worry about burdening you with this.  It is up to you as to the amount of time you devote to it.  Even social activity can turn into a chore.


You need to apply logical thinking when it comes to your response to others.  Give yourself time to consider and to perhaps ask further questions on what they are expecting from you.  It can be easy for you to presume one thing when they are looking for something else.  Weigh up how anything will affect daily routines.


Your general state of health and/or fitness very likely needs attention.  It might be on your mind but this is not enough – you have to take some action, especially if you should be exercising more.  You are likely to feel you are working like a slave without appreciation.  Trying to organise some pleasure won’t be easy either.


Focus on your plans and what sort of commitment they will require of you.  You can be more optimistic than is normally the case.  Some sort of breaking down process needs to take place and this can take more time than you first anticipate.  You want to move quickly but it will take a bit of work to get a balanced foundation sorted out


You have to play a waiting game and the more you can do this, the easier things will fall into place, especially when it comes to your dealings with others.  Put your energies into getting the groundwork established so that you can enjoy your life.  Much pleasure can come from activities at home or where family are involved.


You will be busy and this can also involve a lot of running around or constant communication in some way.  It could be wise to give yourself options to be able to make changes when it comes to anything you agree to.  Do not let these activities take your focus away from your more important priorities of either work or finances.


This is an excellent time to weigh up what you should dedicate yourself to that will result in gaining a sense of peace and security personally.  It will be something that money cannot buy.  This could include being more determined to take the actions you want to take.  At the same time you have to then deal with the consequences.


You can be more impulsive than is your general nature.  Bear in mind – it will be easy to get into things but not so easy to get out of them.  This should encourage you to give great consideration to what are your true wishes.  You could find discussion with friends helpful in breaking ideas down into component parts.