Forecast Week Beginning 18th June, 2012

11 June 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


That sense of controlling forces restricting the freedom you would like to have is back.  You are encouraged to think about your options, review the way connections to others have operated in the past so that you can find a new method of approach.  The main thing is to enjoy what you have – this can have a stabilising effect on you.


You should take up any opportunity to try something out of the ordinary as long as you don’t let it unsettle the normal routines in your life.  Your security is more important, even if it does seem boring in comparison.  The benefit that can come from this is getting you to think about what really does provide relaxation in life.


The second New Moon this year occurs in your sign so think about anything new that has happened in the last month and what needs to be brought to an end, which will be another new beginning.  This will have a lot to do with the next year as you have begun a new personal 12-year cycle between these 2 New Moons – unusual.


Greater clarity can begin to develop about matters you have either been thinking or communicating about since November.  You could need to make decisions about the way things need to be structured.  Going back to past ways is possible, if that is what you want or you might find you need to deal with past family ways or habits.


You are entering a winding down time that will be in effect until you have your birthday.  Having time alone is necessary as there are things you need to think about because it is important to get your mind in order about what has taken place since July 2010.  Pleasant surprises with friends or a group of people is possible too.


You can feel confident about what needs to take priority as well as being clear in your mind about the actions you need to take to put things in order.  Someone else might be more accepting than you expected, though you should listen carefully to what they actually say.  Don’t be encouraged to spend more than you should.


You could get a clearer picture of what needs to be finished with.  Obligations you no longer want to have to deal with could play a strong role.  It is not that you are necessarily wanting to avoid things but have simply become more realistic about the matters you are comfortable about managing.  There is the promise of other things.


Future opportunities have a positive look, even though there are many things you cannot possibly be clear about just yet.  Even so, you can sense change and that matters are getting ready to move along, creating new beginnings.  Imagine what you want for the future and don’t be afraid to believe things can become a reality.


You will be drawn into the activities of others – this might also include new people.  There can be pleasure attached as well as some unique experiences.  You still have responsibilities you need to see to, so ensure you put enough time aside to do this.  You can become too distracted by others.  This could end up draining you, big time.


Something about another person could become obvious, making you realise that your feelings were right.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you want further clarity.  You have had plenty of time to consider commitments you are prepared to make.  The response you get from others can make you realise the way you have changed.


Someone may start to detach themself in some way, which you may have been half expecting.  Leave them to it.  You need to focus on your health or general fitness as well as the goals you want to put in place in your life.  At the same time there needs to be something of pleasure that keeps you mentally stimulated for the next year.


You will be highly tuned in resulting in strong feelings of pleasure.  This can involve other people, generating much discussion that you enjoy, even though you may not be sure about their underlying motivations.  Indirectly it may help you decide on changes you need to make to either your living situation or what you establish in life.