Forecast Week Beginning 11th June 2012

4 June 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Perhaps unexpectedly, you can find yourself thinking about dramatically changing the habit patterns that have formed the basis of your life – this can include family.  It may also have connection to any obligations you have felt obliged to accept.  Life will be full of activity and change to June 2013.  Many distractions may arise as well.


You are moving to the next stage of a new 12-year cycle that started a year ago.  Money will need careful attention over the next year because you could lose more than you gain, if you are not careful.  Thoroughly investigate any change of job you might consider as well as contracts or agreements as there may be hidden aspects.


You begin a new 12-year personal cycle from now until June 2013.  There can be an immediate sense of release.  You need to be careful about jumping into things too quickly from now to early October as there can be a breaking down or taking away process before any real sense of new beginning is able to begin establishing itself.


There will be an element of being held back in life during the next 12 months, so it would be wise not to have huge expectations of progress.  It will be an excellent time to accomplish things that require you to isolate yourself.  This can include preparations for future progress.  Success will follow if you handle this time wisely.


Hard work over the last 12 months can pay off during the next year, but particularly from early October onwards.  You could be involved with groups of people in some way.  The connections you make could provide greater opportunities in the future and have a bearing on changing long-term goals and altering the structure of life.


Obligations can increase in the next year – this could include promotions with your work.  There has been much to consider personally since November and now you can become more aware of the actions you need to take.  This has been a turning point in life generating a different view of the future.  Now you have to commit to it.


There can be a sense of beginning to realise the true motivations of somebody else. This can generate thought processes of ensuring they cannot cause you disruption.  Creating more freedom will become important over the next year.  You can start to put this process in motion from early July to late August. Have realistic expectations


The true desires of others can become a mystery to you in the next 12 months.  This will be doubly so until October requiring you to have patience.  Keep your priorities in mind but as well be ready to change plans on a daily basis when it comes to the process of fulfilling goals.  Forward movement begins in October.


Life will be very busy with other people during the next year.  You need to be mindful of the influence they may try to exert on you, which may include limiting your independence.   This can have a lot to do with responsibilities or commitments you have made since November.  Look for restrictions that could eventuate later.


Enough of the pleasures life has brought in the last year – you will now have to deal with those things that have been put to one side.  It may all seem too much but you are of the nature to cope by getting back into a better routine.  Weight gain can occur in the next year, so to counteract this get back to proper exercise and diet.


There should be more to enjoy about life from now to June 2013.  If you feel creativity has been lacking you should get involved in an interest that will stimulate your imagination.  Don’t dwell on the mysteries of the true desires of others.  You will have to become more serious about accomplishing the goals you have in mind.


Look back over the last 3 years and the changes you have gone through personally.  This next year will require you to get some sort of foundation in place.  This can include the home or family.  There has been plenty to learn about others since November.  It should have helped you realise what is more important in your life.