Forecast Week beginning 25th June 2012

18 June 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Your determination to do things your way can create tension where others are concerned.  You should pay attention to their reactions.  Both you and they have things to learn about one another.  They are likely prepared to be more adventurous than you had imagined.  They have reached a turning point, perhaps because of you


Something is turning around and will move forward rather than the backward sensation you have felt since mid May.  Detail should not be overlooked and this might have been part of any past problems.  Before you spend money consider what should be a priority, otherwise, you could later feel it has been a waste of money.


Changes that are taking place may not be as clear as you imagined.  This might also occur because of unexpected obligations being thrust upon you, perhaps in a way that makes you feel sorry or guilty.  You are meant to find a balance on a personal level.  This has been difficult since mid May but now there is a turnaround.  Take it.


Do not ignore power plays from others.  They do not need to realise you have noticed but it is important you do not allow your independence to be taken away when it comes to obligations you might be expected to accept.  You need to look at the foundations you want in place for yourself and turn matters in these directions.


Mercury, the planet of communication and thinking will now be in your sign for an extended period, which lasts until 1st September.  This will focus you upon yourself and anything that affects you personally.  It might be time to review all the things that involve you.  Friendships could play a role in this as well.  Take your time.


It would be wise to contemplate all the goings on in your life since November and any changes you have made as there could be points you are still not feeling all that certain about.  Final decisions are not necessary yet – the right time for that will be the beginning to mid September.  Break away from any unwanted obligations.


You are now in a position to move forward.  Even your vision of the future can be clearer, where previously it wasn’t.   Consider what you have learnt since February, especially when it comes to the lack of co-operation from others.  You need to look at the commitments you are prepared to make and aim to sort it all out by October.


Nothing really obvious may seem to be happening but you should sense a change in others in the way they have indirectly affected you of late.  There is still much you cannot be certain about when it comes to their true desires but you have got your own commitments to focus on until early September.  It is one small step at a time.


Further changes take place when it comes to others.  You cannot fully trust what seems generosity.  You also need to be mindful of how they can distract you from the things you should be focussing on.  Others have been secretive but will begin to express their ideas more openly.  This is a message for you to focus on your goals.


You come to another stage of being challenged to utilise your own strengths in very definite terms when it comes to the demands of others.  They may not realise the degree of independence you have now developed as well as a sense of rebellion with unfair expectations.  You can move forward with this strength, dignity and power.


You can begin to see what others really think from now to September.  They could be dominant in their manner of speech with high expectations.  This can provide you with the necessary information to plan your own future or to see the directions you need to aim for.  Luck can turnaround but don’t be encouraged to take risks.


So much can seem to be opening up and this allows you to see opportunities where once they seemed lacking.  You must consider what makes you feel most settled and comfortable in life and only move in directions that will not affect this.  Don’t be pushed quickly into anything, as there is much detail to take care of to September.