Forecast Week Beginning 25th March 2013

18 March 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You will have your own plans and intentions but there will be other people to contend with, meaning you might be forced to make some adjustments.  Being impatient is something you will likely have to deal with.  Don’t get so annoyed that it blocks your vision to the true situation.  You can be accident prone – pay attention


You will either feel invisible or will want to just get away from it all so that you can have some peace and quiet.  The more time you can have to yourself, the better it will be for contemplating any changes you realise you need to make over the long term.  Others could have plenty of suggestions but it is up to you in the end.


You will be busy and this will likely involve a group of people.  Be mindful of the responsibilities you take on – they could have a way of growing.  Your nature is more to go along with the flow of things but people you are dealing with start out with definite intentions, though they tend to keep these thoughts to themselves.


Home and family matters will come to the fore, though the normal routine should change quite dramatically.  What the future holds can seem mysterious but there can be more security in the offering than is initially evident.  Don’t be afraid to fire back if somebody puts you under pressure.  They need to know where you stand.


You will feel as though you need to be prepared to act when it comes to making changes in the long term.  Much can become clear in your mind even though it will take some time to be able to make it all happen.  You need to sort out your priorities.  Someone else may compel you, which is both annoying but practical.


The true desires of other people will be very hard to fathom.  It is more through observation that you can presume certain things because they will not be open about their true feelings.  You might have to do something in such a way that you will get a reaction.  It might at least open up conversation on the matter.


The Full Moon will occur in your own sign giving you the sense that it is time things developed in your favour.  Unfortunately others are unlikely to have the same view, mainly because they will be focused on their own matters and expecting you to respond to their needs.  Maybe you need this jolt of awareness to change things.


You will get greatest pleasure putting your energy into getting some sort of order in place.  This will especially be the case with anything that has not been fully completed of late because of having to go on with the next issue.  Your health likely requires some attention.  Getting plenty of rest could do wonders in recuperating.


You may not know whether to take somebody else seriously with what they have to say.  Let them do the talking – you do the listening.  There will be much to enjoy and this can include surprises that are very out of the ordinary when it comes to what you normally do.  This could lead you to question your priorities in life.


Expect the unexpected when it comes to family or anything you feel you to need to develop at an underlying level within yourself.  There can be a turning point that will bring change or new directions over the next 2 years.  Decisions will need to be made and although you might like to skip over the detail, this is not advisable.


You will be busy and need to ensure you do not put yourself under more pressure than is necessary.  You can be easily distracted to the point where you feel you have put in a lot of effort and accomplished little.  Focus on the result you want to see take shape in time.  Finding time to yourself for reading, could prove valuable.


You can spend more money than you plan.  Someone else could have something to do with this by encouraging you to spend more on things you wouldn’t necessarily have interest in.  Keep yourself focussed on practical issues or needs in the future.  You don’t want to make things difficult by responding to impulses of the moment.