Forecast Week Beginning 28th May 2012

21 May 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Watch your words.  You might think something is funny but somebody else won’t and it could end up causing argument.  Something from the past might need further discussion.  You are likely to feel it is a waste of time but the other person sees it as important.  Patience is the best way around this even though you won’t feel this way.


Unexpected expenses can arise so avoid spending money on impulse or on anything you really don’t need.  This will not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself but it can mean you might need to be happy with your own company.  You might also come to realise someone if very different to what you had presumed.  It is not imagination.


Whatever you come to realise is better kept to yourself and not discussed.  It may mean you need to back away from something or someone that you have got too close to.  Perhaps you had not realised the true level of obligations attached.  It is necessary you analyse your present actions, as they will determine where you can go.


Question commitments – they could come up unexpectedly and although they can seem easy enough there is a lot more to them than is first obvious.  If any easy way out of restrictions tempts you, be wary because this won’t be the case in the long term.  You need to be honest with yourself and see how you have created this.


Some interesting situations can arise with friends or in any circumstances that involve you with a group of people.  Radically different opportunities for the future are one possibility.  You need to focus on what you might need to learn or the information you need to gather for success.  This side of it may not appeal to you.


Your ability to see things clearly will be heightened.  It should result in a boost to your self-confidence when it comes to taking action.  This can involve breaking away from people who are too mysterious or confuse you.  It is as if you recognise what you are prepared to be responsible for and commit yourself accordingly.


On a personal level you can feel unsettled because of difficulty in getting things to go the way you would prefer.  Someone else seems to have more luck and they can challenge you to take a completely different approach.  There is too much you cannot see and for this reason you are best to let matters take their own course.


Focus on your own priorities.  Involved in this can be dropping any tendencies to take risks mainly because there is too much that cannot be clearly seen.  Be careful of advice from others, as they may not approach things in the same way as you.  As well they may not fully understand what you are seeking or where you really stand.


You need to pay attention to the people around you.  They could be very changeable and this means you should analyse the obligations that could be involved or that you are prepared to take on.  It is difficult for you to feel completely secure.  Taking a serious approach to what you would personally enjoy accomplishing is the answer.


All the little things you should have been doing but haven’t will nag at you, perhaps making you feel lazy.  This week is good for getting on top of wasting time on distractions.  Work on the things you don’t like first and get them out of the way.  This will make you feel free and as a result it will be easier to freely move forward.


What someone else expects can interfere with time you want to have to yourself.  Don’t feel selfish about refusing.  This is just a lesson in your life in learning to implement your own ideas or to think of your own needs more.  You could wonder whether there is future pleasure in something that was once so important to you.


Someone else could be critical, making you feel guilty or uncertain.  You need to think about the way you want to establish things in your life.  Their opinion or what they expect may not be as important to your life as they think it is.  Question any sense of rebellion you might feel.  Buried in this could be the answers you need.