Forecast Week Beginning 22nd April 2013

15 April 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You need to think about what you have learnt from the circumstances that have taken place in your life since mid March.  You could have been so focused on your own matters that you have not taken enough notice of things going on around you.  Pressure can mount from the expectations of others that you didn’t see coming.


You are now beginning a new 2-year personal cycle with Mars in your sign until 31st  May.  This should lift your energy level and self-confidence, though exactly what you should do may not become clear quickly.  You should not allow yourself to be hurried along by others.  Be mindful of obligations they may want you to take on.


Something involving a group of people or perhaps friends can make you very busy.  If there is a person who is in a position to recommend you in relation to something you want to accomplish, this would be the time to make contact with them.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes.  Don’t let this distract you from your purposes.


The Lunar Eclipse will stimulate you to think about pursuing the things you enjoy in life, not in a flippant way but on a more serious level.  This can have a lot to do with relationships, including friendships and the reality of commitments that are either possible or expected.  Matters are black or white – there are no grey shades here.


The pressure will be on to make a personal commitment of some description that has to be persisted with until late May so that you establish good habits.  This has something to do with beginning to restructure your life in a serious way so that you can accomplish whatever has been developing as important for the last 7 years.


You can begin to feel more optimistic about future goals you want to set out to accomplish.  Ideas can seem to flow continuously.  Because you naturally put things together in order you will be able to easily recognise the most effective way of starting the process.  Don’t get overwhelmed – just take one small step at a time.


You will tend to be more open in expressing what you would like to aim for in the future than you will find others to be.  You might hope that this will stimulate some sort of response but it probably won’t.  For this reason, it would be wise to say a little to see where it goes.  It can take a lot of effort before you will get answers.


The Lunar Eclipse occurs this week in your sign, bringing much change to your life during the next 6 months.  It will bring to a head the need to consider commitments you should make.  There will be a lot of pressure coming from others, giving you the sense that much is being taken out of your hands.  You need to be serious.


Easy going conversation between yourself and others may not produce the end result you hope for, mainly because they determined to fulfil their needs, not yours.  You need to focus on what you can control on a daily basis.  You don’t like dealing with details but this is necessary.  Contentment at this level will lead to better things


There is much to enjoy.  Involvement with a group of people could be significant – much more than you realise to begin with.  You can be more prepared to take a risk than would normally be the case.  This is not necessary.  Take a cautious, balanced approach and it will enable personal transformation to unfold slowly but surely.


You can be full of ideas and restless to move quickly on them.  Getting the right foundation in place will be a slower process and will take persistence.  Ongoing commitments or responsibilities are something you need to take seriously.  Also leave room for what could come up that is not obvious yet.  Patience will pay off.


You need to gather information when it comes to what you feel is your deepest wishes in life.  If there is something you would like to study, this would be ideal.  Travel could be a strong desire.  If you are not in a position to fulfil this, you may need to be careful this doesn’t result in mental restlessness, accomplishing little.