Forecast Week Beginning 29th April 2013

22 April 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


Thoughts or decisions you have been toying with in the last 2 weeks now move to the next stage.  You need to more rely on how you feel about things.  Because of practicalities, something might have to be dropped.  You could also realise that you do not have the support that you might have presumed you did – frustrating you.


Mercury, the planet of decision making, joins many other planets in your sign, giving a sense of urgency to make decisions for the next 2 weeks.  Don’t be too hasty, mainly because there will be others involved and they could backtrack leaving you in a position where you are dealing with completely different circumstances.


You need to play the waiting game, however exasperating you find any situations.  You could feel sorry for somebody else, even guilty about things you should have done in the past.  Whatever your situation, it requires practicality in the present.  There is a pattern of behaviour – this needs to be recognised to be able to move on.


Recent commitments or obligations can head in a different direction, leaving you to decide about how this fits your priorities in life.  You need to consider what would give you pleasure in the long term.  There is someone who is genuine, though they might be secretive.  They will emerge in their own time so don’t try to push it.


Now is the time to commit yourself mentally to pursue the goals you have had in mind.  Once you get going, your naturally persistent nature can embrace the whole thing wholeheartedly.  You are putting important foundations in place that will still take another 2-3 years to develop.  If others have been successful, so can you be.


A realisation that you need to believe in your ability to accomplish future goals can set you on a steady path to obtain them.  Somebody who encourages you may have seemed unrealistic previously.  Now you could more clearly understand what they mean.  You have got what it takes to gain steady results from applying your mind.


Others can become more of a mystery.  Be careful that this doesn’t generate anxiety for you, though this might be difficult to escape entirely.  If you get too involved it will drain you.  Your way around this is to look at the way things have been previously established and then decide what needs to be changed, once and for all.


Much can be expected of you from others, upsetting any routines you have in place or like to follow.  The pace of this will pick up over the next 2 weeks, so be prepared for many distractions.  It will not be easy to see what it is all about.  Your only way around this is to decide what is reasonable when it comes to expected obligations.


If you feel your efforts are not being appreciated, it is not going to get better anytime soon.  It does not necessarily mean you are not appreciated – it is simply not acknowledged.  All you can do is plod on and do the right thing for your own conscience.  Indirectly this may encourage you to pay more attention to detail.


You have got the opportunity to enjoy anything you have been planning for the last 2 weeks.  You could be more determined than ever before to make choices that suit you rather than taking on obligations expected of you.  Even though this can be a very different way of handling life, your approach is serious, underneath it all.


You will be highly determined to do things your way.  This could erupt quickly, even surprising you.  Much will be linked to whatever you have been thinking about during the last 2 weeks.  You will feel that decisions need to be made to get some sort of foundation in place – otherwise there is nothing to build upon in the future.


Ideas will flow in such a way that the picture can become very stable, particularly if you do not allow yourself to be unrealistic.  Much of this can be the result of somebody else, who is focussed on control.  By comparing your way of thinking about things to their way, can make you aware of so many more possibilities.