Forecast Week Beginning 22nd July 2013

15 July 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You could feel under pressure to let something go.  This can have something to do with obligations that cannot stay as they have been.  There is the potential to put a foundation in place that will lead to favourable growth in the long term.  For this reason, you need to be prepared to fight for your rights, even if only in a subtle way.


There can be much to enjoy this week and this can carry through until mid August.  Other people can be more flexible than usual so if there is anything you have been meaning to sort out, don’t waste this opportunity.  Family situations could test your patience mainly because both you and they can be stubborn.  See the funny side.


Money can so easily slip through your fingers so carefully consider before you spend, especially in situations where it benefits someone else more than you.  It is important you feel there is comfortable base with whatever you decide.  To be sure, you need to consider more than one option in a detailed and concise manner.


There could be a test of wills this week with somebody who expects to have their way.  There is something about this that you have never experienced before and you are in a good position to win.  Have resolve – choose your words carefully while communicating in a pleasant manner.  Enjoy the contest by looking at it as a game.


There is a lot going on behind the scenes but you need to wait for matters to present themselves.  Get serious about getting important things in order over the next month as this can have a strong bearing on your success to late 2015.  Spending money on these types of things will give you the greatest pleasure.


Venus, the planet of pleasure and balance moves into your sign where it will stay until 17th August.  As it links to Jupiter this week it can encourage you to spoil yourself in ways you normally wouldn’t.  You won’t lose your practicality altogether so why not lash out for once.  New clothes or a new hairstyle could be part of it.


Greatest pleasure will come from being able to get away from it all and relax to mid August.  It is probably not possible the whole period but it will be necessary at times to keep your energy at a reasonable level.  Pressure can come from friends or any situation involving a group of people.  Being vague is the best way to cope with this.


With some self-discipline you can be very productive and feel pleased with yourself as a result.  Focus on your long-term goals and anything you might be better dropping to ensure you can take advantage of what is possible to develop.  Those in a position to be of assistance will be willing – it can be just a matter of asking them.


Enjoying the commitments you need to deal with can bring greater benefits or opportunities than can be seen at the time.  Persistence in conjunction with having faith in the future can eventually bring opportunities for greater recognition or appreciation for your efforts.  Much has to do with the ability to believe in yourself.


A lot will be going on with other people and you need to ensure this doesn’t distract you too much from your own priorities.  Some situations will be light and easy while others can have strong underlying agendas.  This will come to the surface when they realise you are determined to maintain a certain position.  Just remain confident.


The Full Moon will occur in your sign – the first of two, which is unusual.  Look at what is coming to a head personally – it is creating some sort of new beginning that will reach a peak with the next Full Moon.  Seriously consider any pressure coming from others.  You need to decide on the obligations you are willing to accept.


Take notice of your deeper feelings where others are concerned rather than the way you might want to look at them.  Look to see whether they can live up to your expectations.  If anybody expresses uncertainties – listen to them.  There can be much to enjoy in the moment if you are not expecting too much in the future.