Forecast Week Beginning 15th July 2013

8 July 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


This is the time to question the reality of what is achievable on a personal level.  Events since late May have played a pivotal role in what can be established to provide a secure basis for the future.  Making the right choices will result in favourable growth in the next year.  Frustration means your choices are wrong.


You have been in an information gathering period which is now coming to a turning point that will likely require decisions between now and early August.  There is a great deal of favourable and stable support from others.  This can assist you in further increasing your knowledge in some way.  Enjoy caring for yourself.


You may need to move forward with decisions related to financial commitment or spending.  The small details need to be paid attention to because putting proper boundaries in place is very necessary.  This can be the difference in gaining security or losing it.  Enjoying life is on your mind and is only possible by being practical.


Much can go your way this week, providing you with greater clarity when it comes to decisions you want to make about your life and yourself.  It is a stable sort of luck.  Though you might sense a lot about the long term, this is not where your focus should be.  There can be some challenging obligations with the here and now.


Stability is establishing itself in ways outside of your control, requiring some faith on your part.  You like to have more control of your circumstances but maintaining patience and allowing matters to surface in their own time is most necessary.  You can get enjoyment from learning from any information gathering exercises in life.


Greater clarity when it comes to what you should prioritise in life can at last begin to emerge.  This may prove to be different to what you previously expected.  You could realise there is more to take into account.  While someone else can assist on the creative side it will be your own practical, down to earth decisions that matter.


However you now decide to move forward with commitments or obligations may not please somebody else.  This could generate rebellion of some description on their part.  Do not let this deter you.  Bending to their will can create circumstances that will have no boundaries when it comes to the manner in which you will be restricted.


The better you have managed self-discipline since October the more you will sense your ability to be able to develop a promising future.  You can now reach some sort of turning point in your mind when it comes to committing yourself to the path you need to take.  Maintain a balanced approach with little things that niggle at you.


There is no reason for any underlying insecurity to get the better of you.  Just because it may be hard to know where you stand as well as perhaps what other people think or the decisions they will make, this doesn’t mean things won’t work out for the better.  Patience in allowing things to surface is your only option.


Decisions you have been waiting for from somebody else should be forthcoming.  These could be different to what you expected and in a good way.  There is no limit to what can be developed with other people.  You need to be sure of your own priorities to ensure you don’t end up with greater expectations than you presumed.


A sense of moving forward with any health matters will start now and continue through to early August.  Doing the right thing can raise your energy levels quite dramatically.  Look at what you are prepared to develop as daily routine that is not too much so that you will stick with it long term.  This will result in solid benefits.


You can be very tuned into what is achievable as a practical reality.  Being able to enjoy what you do will be easily incorporated but you need to be prepared to take action to put things into place.  It can involve a change of previous ideas but the time is right for such things to be set up and to remain persistent to early August.