Forecast Week Beginning 24th September 2012

17 September 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


The Full Moon this week will occur in your sign, providing you with the opportunity to bring something to completion.  This could certainly turn out be a week you will remember but not necessarily in the way you expect.  You could be placed in a reactionary position quite suddenly.  Think carefully about your response to this.


You can find somebody else extremely self-focussed, almost to the point where they seem selfish.  They may not realise what they are dealing with when it comes to you.  Don’t ignore any sense of looming problems you might have.  Take care to analyse things thoroughly and you could save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.


You can feel particularly optimistic and this could encourage you to take greater risks than you should.  To improve any situation it will be necessary for you to first go through some sort of breaking down process with matters that are important to you on a personal level.  Weighing up the details involved in choices is necessary.


You could find yourself landed with more responsibility than you were expecting or agreed to.  Somebody else who should be handling certain obligations may prove unreliable.  They have a definite agenda, which means you might need to move quickly to sort out your position.  You can accurately tune into their motivations.


A different view of what has future potential could suddenly emerge.  You will need to act on getting the right foundations in place.  Before you do that you should weigh up the level of personal contentment you would gain from this course of action.  If it could be detrimental to your independence it may not be enjoyable.


You could feel bombarded by the expectations of others.  There can be something unpredictable about the way things emerge.  What you need to think about is the increased level of commitment this could land on you and how you need to break that down.  Find time to yourself to consider all options before you talk it over.


Someone else could be full of surprises that you are not likely to be impressed about.  You are in a strong position to counter anything you do not want to accept.  It is all about what you consider priorities.  They are very likely aware of this but don’t want to follow your ideas.  They have to realise they don’t have a choice.


Much can be accomplished in unison with others, even though the wills on both sides can be determined.  Anything they try to hide could be exposed unexpectedly, while you have more luck keeping certain things to yourself.  You will have their support or back-up as long as they feel they can rely on you staying strong.

In any situation that does not seem fair or just you must be prepared to maintain a strong fighting spirit without being outwardly aggressive or angry.  Luck will be with you in most surprising ways if you manage things in this manner.  There will be people or perhaps a group who will support you.  Be patient and let it unfold.

What is really at the basis of a matter, that may involve family, can reach some sort of conclusion swiftly and without warning.  Consider any obligations attached very carefully, especially if there are written agreements involved.  It is the finer details you need to be mindful of.  Your priorities are important – others desires are not.

Any out of the ordinary ideas you have may not go down too well with someone else, mainly because they want to maintain a situation in a way that is comfortable for them.  This means some sort of responsibility to you, which will be at odds with your thoughts or plans.  This will make you think about creating future enjoyment.

Unsettled situations can arise quickly over money issues between you and others.  This could be worse if money has been spent on things that were not really needed in the past.  There is a lack of clarity on both sides.  This can result in future options being considered with more detail so that better planning takes place from now on.