Forecast Week Beginning 17th September 2012

10 September 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


What somebody else really thinks will begin to become obvious, ridding you of uncertainties.  It could stimulate you to become rebellious but it could also just give you a complete sense of freedom and independence.  This can produce a final turning point when it comes to what you are prepared to accept as obligations.


It will be easy to spend too much money this week so use your practicality to decide on whether it is worthwhile.  Don’t be tempted to bring something to an end just to have your own way.  Look back over the last 18 months – it is a necessary part of being able to put the pieces together in relation to working out your future.


You will enjoy being self-indulgent – it won’t hurt for once.  Your health won’t cope well with over-eating or drinking, so avoid that.  Think about what you would enjoy doing more of – it is a good time to make decisions on this to early October, even to take up a hobby.  This is not about what others want, whatever pressure they apply.


Someone else is reaching a significant turning point and this will allow you to learn more about them.  It may be as a result of what they have learned over the last 18 months.  You will want to make decisions and get something settled by early October.  This is also a good time for family discussion or plans with the home.


There will be a lot of contact with friends or groups of people – this should be most enjoyable.  At the same time there is much detail you need to focus on, especially if there is a matter that needs to be finalised.  Once this is dealt with it can leave you open to some unexpected and surprising opportunities for the long-term future.


You can have a sense of moving onto the next stage after having focussed on your own situation recently.  This could also mean an end to being influenced by doubt coming from others.  Taking a break from ever increasing obligations will do you the world of good.  You need time to contemplate to bring more balance your way.


Any matters that have had a doubtful or hidden element will now come out into the open giving you a clearer perspective.  With Mercury in your sign until 5th October you need to think about your own position while at the same time dealing with someone else that wants to stir you up.  This is not new – it has been building up.


You need a lot of patience though you feel like doing things your way, no matter what it might stir up.  It is a lesson in learning to take a balanced approach to what is most responsible.  Your mind is powerful and what you sense is very likely spot on.  However this does not alter the fact that the time isn’t right to expose it all.


There is an opportunity to further develop a situation with somebody else for future benefit.  It is important you are sure of your own priorities or what you wish to accomplish from any situation that involves you with others, even a group of people.  There can be an element of feeling you are not in control of your own destiny.


You are at a very significant personal turning point based on what you have been experiencing in life during the last 18 months.  Look at what you have learned about life and about yourself.  Involved in this can be the commitments you will or will not make, mainly because you feel it is time to lay down very different foundations.


Pleasant interaction with others can make you realise that perhaps more of this should become part of your life in the future.  A clearer vision of what you feel compelled to change can begin to emerge.  It is not a singular choice – there are points to be weighed up.  Don’t let frustration short circuit what you should do.


Others will become secretive with their ideas or thoughts, especially if they feel they don’t know where they stand with you.  If they believe you have not been honest it can make things difficult.  You need to focus on your priorities or what you have been attempting to establish in the last 18 months.  Balance up any time wasting.