Forecast Week Beginning 2nd July 2012

25 June 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


The underlying frustration, coupled with matters not working as well as you had hoped that has affected you one way or another since late last year, will now finish.  Hard work without much recognition can be other experiences you have had.  There will be much activity with others as well as appreciation from others to late August.


You can get to a stage of finally accepting change or circumstances that were not part of your plans.  Nothing is final yet – it is more this first stage that you need to get accustomed to.  The details will work themselves out from now to late August.  It might also be time to give more attention to your health – diet and exercise.


Life is looking up – expect a busy week with the sort of things you like.  There could be some pleasant surprises involving friends or a group of people.  There will be different things to talk about or new information to take on board.  You can move away from family matters that have been difficult for months to more pleasure.


There can be more to other people than you realise.  Actions speak louder than words and from observing their behaviour you can get a good idea of what they really think or want.  Changes within the family or home can take place from now to late August.  You could act on things you have been thinking about for 2 years.


You have come to a point where you need to think about yourself, your priorities, what you believe and your long-term goals.  Nothing needs to be rushed – you have got until early September to sort this out.  Included in this period will be a time of review.  It is the final stage of a 7-year cycle of personal change you’ve been having.


After what has been a very long focus on yourself and all things that involve you since November, you are finally moving onto the next stage.  This could feel strange, as you will sense there are still unknown facts.  These are not likely to surface until early September.  Don’t be tempted to spend money impulsively.


You begin a new 2-year personal cycle with Mars moving into your sign, at last, where it will stay until 24th August.  This has held you back one way or another since November.  In some ways it can provide the opportunity to put the final touches on matters you have been dealing with for the last 2 years.  There could be opposition.


Patience can pay dividends later, particularly from September and then October.  There has been a lot building up behind the scenes.  This will now begin to gain momentum.  You need to think about the responsibilities or commitments you are willing to take on and how this can change daily routine.  Others can be secretive.


You are in a good position to discover what someone else desires when it comes to relationships or their general comfort in life.  It may not be what you expected and could start you thinking quite differently about your own long-term goals.  Pressure you have been under since November is changing, providing greater opportunities.


The Full Moon occurs in your sign this week, bringing any personal matters to a head or allowing you to see something in a different light about somebody else.  It may change what you were once prepared to take on as responsibilities.  You could realise the importance of putting foundations in place that give you independence.


The intentions of others that have been mysterious in some way since late last year will now emerge into the open.  Not everything will surface immediately – you need to give that another month.  Even so, there will be much to talk about and this can go on until early September.  You should realise the importance of being happy.


Others have likely not been completely thoughtful or understanding of you since late last year.  It may have been more about them.  This pressure is off but their desires can remain strong until late August.  You will need to give attention to your health to early September.  This is an excellent time to take up a new health regime.