Forecast Week Beginning 26th November 2012

19 November 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You could have a sudden urge to dramatically change something about the future, mainly with the idea of having a greater sense of freedom.  You can also feel prepared to take whatever risk is necessary.  None of this can really work out quickly because you already have obligations in place that can restrict such things.


You will need to dig deep when it comes to somebody else.  Putting yourself in their position might bring better understanding.  Communication has been all over the place since mid November – that will now move forward, very likely encouraging more straightforward communication.  Take any opportunity to ask about the future


The Lunar Eclipse this week occurs in your sign.  There will be things you cannot ignore and this could go on during the next 6 months.  Any health issues should be given attention but it might also be more about balancing up any over-indulgence.  Some sort of regulated routine is necessary – it will strengthen your will power.


Something powerful will be happening with other people – you could tune into this without really knowing what it is all about.  What you need to look for is consistency because things go deeper than what might first seem to be the case.  The opportunity for discussion will be greater than it has been since mid November.  Remain focussed.


You could be approaching something from a casual standpoint with a preparedness to let matters unfold of their own volition.  Somebody else could be much more serious than you realise.  You know your habit patterns best.  You need to focus on things you are not willing to change, especially when it comes to everyday things.


Any mulling over process you have been going through since mid November can now be at a point of moving forward.  There should be little doubt in your mind.  You might need to take a bit of a risk but there is a strong underlying practicality associated with all of this.  You have likely put things together well in your mind.


Somebody else could have some inventive ideas but you need to be realistic about how well they could be managed.  You are in a situation where many things are not clear.  This can give little sense of personal control, producing a wandering sensation.  What you can see are the foundations you need to establish for security.


Much can stabilise with matters of personal interest.  There has been much to think about since mid November with no real opportunity to move forward.  Now you can but might also recognise that a path has established itself more than you realised.  You have likely established a far greater depth of understanding than you thought.


Something significant is coming to a head where someone else is concerned and this could further develop over the next 6 months.  Don’t be tempted to jump in quickly.  There is a lot you cannot fully see and that you are not aware of.  Some of this will emerge in stages right through to late December.  Some will remain secret.


Your personal strength and power will be intensified – you should be considering your desires for the next 2 years.  Involved in this can be the realisation of things that are not as important as you once believed they were.  This can be a humbling experience.  Your decisions can be clear-cut, coupled with finality, once made.


Certain commitments are not easily changed.  You could become more comfortable about surrendering to certain aspects of them, if not completely.  Even so, you need to think firstly about being committed to your own needs, as well as perhaps ensuring that others take more responsibility for themselves.  Persistence is the key.


Consider future prospects that have security and longevity attached.  These things need to become your priority rather than any tendency to just go with the flow and see what turns up.  It might also be necessary to gain further qualifications.  Now is the time to move forward with definite ideas on what needs to be intently pursued.