Forecast Week Beginning 19th November 2012

12 November 2012 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You need to sit up and take notice of where you are positioned in life and what heights you want to accomplish.  There can be a sense of urgency to get moving.  The practical way somebody else handles things could be useful to follow.  Be persistent to late December, as these opportunities won’t arise again for 2 years.


You can begin to realise you have been appreciated more than you thought.  Social activity and interaction with others can become busy to mid December.  At the same time you need to pay careful attention to what is actually intended.  There can be something mysterious about others.  They could change their mind later as well.


You need to pay attention, as mistakes will be easily made.  Past mistakes might also become obvious.  Someone else can begin to step up the pressure when it comes to responsibilities they feel you should be dealing with.  This can interfere with what you consider are priorities.  Some sort of order has to be established.


You can benefit from somebody who has got somewhere in life.  They could prove useful, in ways you may not expect, in furthering your own ambitions.  Good fortune can come your way to mid December.  It could also be a time of much social activity of an enjoyable nature.  At the same time, daily routine will need to be maintained.


Someone else has got something to learn – they may listen to you momentarily.  Eventually you could realise there is an underlying agenda.  Rather than wasting time on this you should be focussing on the things you need to get in order and the routines required to keep them that way.  One step at a time will get good results.


This is a good time to review previous thoughts or plans.  Anything that was lacking can become obvious.  This might also include the uncertainty of others involved that you may not have noticed before.  Be confident about your ability to weigh things up in your own mind.  Don’t be encouraged to take risks or to over commit yourself.


Be careful with money matters – you could easily lose, especially if you move into these things hoping for the best.  You need to pursue putting some sort of solid foundation in place that could provide ongoing opportunities.  An independent person could provide some inventive solutions on ways to manage or develop this.


With Venus moving into your sign until 16th December it will be encourage you to focus on finding a balance with anything that concerns you personally.  You may also spend money on yourself in the way of new clothes or a change of hairstyle.  What should be done for practical purposes needs attention or reviewing as well.


It seems one thing after another is going through a holding up process.  Some slight movement forward will begin to take shape but even this can have a lack of clarity attached to it.  There are hidden opportunities.  You need to remain alert, taking note of subtle things so that you are ready to move swiftly when the time is right.


Friendships from the past can be re-established.  You have changed perhaps more than you realise and would need and be most determined to put very different foundations in place.  New friendships might also develop where the past seems to be repeating itself.  Do not doubt yourself – be confident about what you sense.


You need to look at what you have learned about yourself and how this can help when it comes to viewing your future.  What follows is making a commitment in some way.  If finances are involved, be very careful.  Consider not only what can be gained but also what could be lost if there are too many areas lacking transparency.


You will prefer the easy-going view of the future that doesn’t have restrictions or boundaries.  This is not possible though.  Some sort of obligation will be demanded of you, which can result in severe frustration if you haven’t been initially prepared to take this on.  For this reason it is wise of you to look at practical matters involved.