Forecast Week Beginning 28th January 2013

21 January 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


You will need a lot of patience until mid March as your energy level lowers and the frustration level rises.  At the same time you can feel held back with no clear vision of a way forward.  Involve yourself in things that take your mind away from general daily matters and into another world.  That way you will gain useful realisations.


Whatever you have recently been weighing up about the future now moves to the next stage of committing yourself to late February.  Not all of it will be easy and you will need to have some faith in your decision-making.  There can either be expected obligations or you need to take into account how others can be affected long term.


You are at a turning point in relation to whatever has gone on in your life since October.  Any self-searching has hopefully produced some results, which will now enable you to move forward, rather swiftly, from now to late June.  Don’t let oppressive behaviour from someone else distract your thoughts from your goals.


Social activity with others is winding down.  Mysteries about others won’t go away but will go through some sort of change.  You need to focus on the future to mid March.  Be happy with your own company because it will provide some peace and enable you to gain awareness on the best way forward when the time comes.


You can be at the mercy of others – just how much is what you need to decide.  Social activity will be well and truly on the agenda until late February, providing much to enjoy.  All the while you need to be mindful of the practical things that need to be dealt with because it will not do to leave these to one side, too long.


Recognition for your efforts since late December can take shape to mid March.  This can require you juggle daily routines around until you find the right balance to late February.  You might also need to deal with others expecting to lead the way with perhaps an aggressive approach.  It might be time you took up the challenge.


It is time to create your own enjoyment rather than be part of or responding to what others have wanted to do.  This can happen of its own accord as they withdraw to some degree.  You should be mindful of doing enough exercise from now to mid March.  It can be necessary for balancing up what recent pleasures have resulted in.


Being serious about what is important is likely to take precedence over anything else.  It can be the next stage to whatever you have been putting in place since late December.  This can be enjoyable, particularly to mid March.  You could also feel lucky in some way.  Getting the balance right should not be difficult to manage.


You need to focus on getting things in order with home and family matters to mid March.  This can also be a time of putting ideas into practice.  When it comes to communication, think about how your ideas will be received.  It might be best to take small steps and pay attention to the response you get.  It will keep the peace.


There can be a shift with your finances especially if there is something you now consider important to save towards or that is a practical way to spend your money.  If you have realised you have gained weight, now is the time to get back to the right eating habits.  You could have been lazy with the right amount of exercise as well.


A sense of peace from now to late February can now replace a feeling of being all fired up that has had its effect since late December.  Watch impulsive spending to mid March.  At the same time though it is a good time to put a plan in place when it comes to your finances over the next 2 years.  Insist on commitment from others.


Mars moves into your sign until 12th March, raising your energy level as well as your self-confidence.  This is the beginning of a new 2-year personal cycle.  Up until late February you also need to find time to weigh up alternatives.  Combining these two influences well can result in creating future opportunities that can be most enjoyed.