Forecast Week Beginning 4th February 2013

28 January 2013 | Weekly Star Sign Forecasts


There is too much going on behind the scenes for you to have clear vision on anything.  You need to resist any temptation to act on impulse out of frustration.  It could get you into more trouble than what it is worth.  Social activity with friends or with a group of people, involving communication, is a good escape mechanism.


It will be easy to spend too much money.  Before you indulge you need to weigh up the more responsible things that require your finances.  It will be wise to place priorities on spending to mid April.  It may make you realise the level of importance certain things really have in life.  It could shine a light on your friendships too.


You can suddenly come under a lot of pressure that will not let up before mid April.  Somebody else could generate this with the likelihood of attached difficulties, created by them as well.  Your decision can be just how much you will allow yourself to be drawn into this.  Don’t let their vision of the future overshadow your own.


You will be wondering about the future and what it has in store for you.  There is somebody who is more supportive than you realise.  You are not in a position to initiate or take action to make something happen.  It is more about tuning into possibilities that could develop and then waiting for the right time to arrive.


You could meet people that will have a strong bearing in the future through friends, associates or a group you either join or interact with.  You could feel at a disadvantage in some way but this is not something you should dwell on, mainly because the future can unfold quite differently.  There are unknown factors involved


It will be especially difficult to have any sense of control in circumstances involving others because you will feel very much in their hands.  This will go on until mid April and go through many twists and turns.  Your main focus needs to be keeping in check just how much you will allow yourself to fall down to their expectations.


Take every opportunity to enjoy yourself – many should present themselves.  At the same time don’t be pressured to do something out of the ordinary that does not have a great deal of appeal – you will likely be proven right.  There are routine matters that need to be dealt with on a daily basis so you will need to juggle the two


You can easily become lost in fantasy or wish that you could just take off and do exactly as you please.  You need to deal with practical realities, which are likely to include finances tied up with someone else or at the very least, expectations somebody else has of you.  Perhaps neither of you has got what you anticipated.


Some sort of foundation is being put in place in which others are playing a major role.  You feel more under their influence than they are your’s.  They are attempting to work out their commitments and this can continue, one way or another until mid April.  By keeping communication light, enjoyable and happy, balance is maintained.


There will be a lot you need to get your mind around but there can also be many distractions.  You could easily feel you have been doing a lot and accomplishing little.  Do not be tempted to give your opinion on a matter too quickly without seriously questioning what is being asked.  It may not be what you first presume.


There can be much to enjoy this week, more through simple pleasures, so don’t be tempted to spend more money than you need to.  The New Moon will take place in your sign, providing the opportunity to make personal changes that suit you.  Don’t feel you need to succumb to someone else’s rebellion towards your ideas.


There will be many decisions to make on a personal level with Mercury, the decision maker, now moving into your sign for an especially long time – until mid April.  Don’t be tempted to act too quickly in the immediate term because matters of the moment are not likely to stay that way.  A rethinking time will come up later.